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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let the Giving Begin!

Photo Courtesy of Paul Buceta
I am so excited to be posting the first GIVE of the season! Thanks to our amazing Eat-Clean Diet success, Carolyn Channell, for giving me this wonderful idea based on her good deed.

What did Carolyn do? She donated her weight! And you can do the same. Here's how...

Figure out how much weight you have lost or plan to lose. Then, in the spirit of the holidays, I encourage you to follow Carolyn's lead. She lost 120 pounds of weight and subsequently donated this amount to her local charity food bank. Where will you donate your weight?

This is just another great incentive to keep your weight-loss goals in mind especially during the sugar-heavy holiday season. You will feel good (and look good) from the inside and out!

Check back tomorrow for Give Day 2... It's a GIVEAWAY!


  1. This is a great idea! We give toys at my work, so I will spend 55$ (55 pounds lost) on toys to donate to kids in my area.

  2. This is such an amazing idea. For every pount I lose between now and Christmas, I will donate a food to our local food bank so that a family that would otherwise be going without can enjoy a meal on Christmas!!

  3. Good idea! We donate by adopting children for Christmas. We purchase gifts for children in our area that would otherwise not receive anything. I will double my normal contribution, since I don't have much more weight to lose :-)

  4. That is a wonderful idea!!!! I know a needy family, a out of work father and his 3 year-old son, and I am going to donate $50 to buying them some presents to go under their Christmas tree. That's $48 for the pounds I have lost and two more to get to my main goal! :)


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