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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Just in time for the holiday season it's time for a refresher on superfoods! We need to arm ourselves with goodness to get through the holiday season. So I invited my dear friend, Dawn Vickery, superfood expert and founder of Raw Elements (my source for protein powder, nuts, seeds, etc), to enlighten us. Read her extremely interesting post below. Also, she will be back in December for a delicious superfood giveaway! Stay tuned.

My name is Dawn Vickery. I am the founder of Raw Elements - a SuperFood and Supplements company based out of Ontario, Canada. I am thrilled to be connecting with all of you today thanks to Tosca and The Eat Clean Diet!

15 years ago I was a fitness enthusiast (and still am) working out every day and feeding my body the best way I knew how... or so I thought.  I had a problem though - I was tired all the time.  I ate wonderful food as far as I was concerned - protein powders, lean cuisine (?), tuna, chicken, etc etc etc.  Then, one night, my world was turned upside-down...

I attended a small raw food seminar - the industry was in its absolute infancy at this point.  The speaker reminded the group "You Are What You Eat" and I quickly came to the realization that everything I ate every day was DEAD !! Everything!! Yikes!! He spoke about eating things with a "LIFE FORCE" and encouraged us to eat one ALIVE thing every day to remind our bodies that they are ALIVE. Life Force is your key to energy, rebuilding at a cellular level, and in the end - absolute happiness (in my opinion). 

I changed my diet very quickly. I sought out whole-food plant-based, organic and raw supplements. By the way, raw = heated under 118 degrees so as not to change its molecularity. This was a huge challenge 15 years ago.  The only place to find this sort of thing was Southern California.  Luckily we travelled back and forth to SoCal quite a bit so I was able to meet with some pioneers of the industry and start amazing relationships. Due to the very fact that these supplements were not available in Canada my company, RAW Elements Inc,  my passion and my mission were born.  

I am thrilled to have known Tosca for many years - I remember seeing her in the gym while she was just days away from a contest, and, although I barely knew her, went up and stammered out: "Wow - What do you eat?"  She looked amazing! Many years later, it is fantastic that Tosca and I enjoy talking about all the "new" yet traditionally old products that we at Raw Elements are doing our best to get into Canadian mainstream - this has been a challenge! Eating Clean is a joy and a blessing.  Adding in some ancient superfoods can set you on FIRE!! Repairing your body at a cellular level leaves you feeling like you can jump over the moon.  Beautiful, clean, plant-based organic sources are the only ones we share with our clients.  

Superfoods like... Maca - traditionally used for strength and endurance, Spirulina - used by the Mayans for centuries as a superior source of plant-based protein, and Raw Chocolate - Wow! Most women are deficient in magnesium. Can you guess what is the highest magnesium source on the planet? It's Chocolate! I think we all know this on a primitive level, and I am pretty sure that is why most of us crave it as much as we do. The best part is that we have the best RAW, great tasting plant-based protein powder on the market today. At 16 grams per scoop this clean, alkaline protein can rival any other protein on the market. Did I mention it tastes great?

These superfoods are easily added into any diet. You don't have to be vegetarian, vegan or a raw foodie to enjoy the Life Force these foods and supplements provide. I firmly believe that vitamins and minerals are so important, but must go through photosynthesis in their mother source rather than via a test tube. When we consume them in a clean plant-based WHOLE food we are able to assimilate them fully into our system.  There are no isolates in nature. Mother Nature is an undeniable force we can use to our advantage. Don't miss out of the abundant life-giving foods she provides for our beauty and health. She will never let us down. When you start feeding your body with the "real" source of the mineral things become clear  very quickly - deficiencies are eliminated and cravings are gone. 

My goal and passion is to take the BEST of the Fitness World, and the BEST of the Raw Food World and bring them together, adopting some of each to make a beautifully balanced diet.  Raw Elements and its plant-based pure, organic, super powerful foods and supplements can push your Eat-Clean Living to the next level - even to the moon !! 

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  1. I'm so glad to have had an opportunity to have met you and learn so much from you Dawn and more recently from Tosca. I look forward to following your info articles here!



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