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Friday, December 2, 2011

Gives Day 2: Give A Workout & Win!

For our second day of giving, Give a workout! My good friend and recent Oxygen Cover Model, Jennifer Nicole Lee has shared her 20 minute Glutes that Salute workout.

Share your no-fail 20 minute workout with us so we can all keep our glutes and tummies flat over the holiday season. The 1st 3 people to comment on this post with their plans will win a copy of The Eat-Clean Diet® Workout, and a copy of this month's Oxygen Magazine with cover model Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Read on for JNL's Glutes That Salute Workout!

Jennifer Nicole Lee's Glutes That Salute Booty Workouts!

Get Sexy & Fit Fast!

JNL shows you how to tone up the 'junk in your trunk', how to bubble out your booty, and add roundness to your rump! 
Easy yet effective at home moves to get you sexy fit fast!
Perform each exercise for 3 sets, in 30 second intervals, maxing out at each interval, with the goal to get as many reps in as you can.
For more info, visit 

1. Weighted Single Glute Squeezes.

2. Butt Squeezes on Stability Ball (Ankle Weights Optional)

3. Bench Butt Squeezes

4. Side Lying Glute Squeezes with Bar

5. Weighted Pelvic Thrusts on Stability Ball

For a cool down, enjoy your favorite leg stretches.
Perform this Glutes That Salute workout one to two times a week.
For more info, please visit

If you'd like the a printable version of this workout plan click here!


  1. Yes! A new workout for the weekend!

  2. My 20 minutes no fail glute workout is

    2 minutes side steps as a warm up
    1 minute forward lunge with left leg
    1 minutes forward lunge with right leg
    2 minutes x-step with band (step in band hip width apart, cross the band to form an x in front of your thighs, step out and forward with right foot then left.)
    2 minute leg abduction with band, alternating left and right legs
    2 minutes sumo squat, alternating left and right left
    then repeat except do the side steps at the end as a cool down.

  3. awesome thats what I have been looking for! I usually do a 20 min Jillian workout video which takes care of everything for me I will add this to my routine as well..

  4. I will be making sure to get in my favorite glute and ab exercises over the holiday season:

    Warm up (3 min)
    2 min each
    Leg lifts
    Squat presses

    Repeat 1:30 min each

    Cool down and stretch (3 min)

  5. I plan on hiking and lifting some weights!

  6. Warm up for 2 minutes with jumping jacks
    Cycle through these for 16 minutes:
    Walking lunges holding 8 lb dumbbells
    Squats then lift overhead using 5-8 lb dumbbells
    Bicycle crunches
    Reverse crunches
    Cool down with 2 minutes of stretching/deep breathing

    As a mom of 8 year old twins, anything I can do at home works for me!

  7. This workout is just in time for me! I really need some help in this department.

  8. LOVE the WORKOUT!

    My no fail glute exercises are:

    Basic Squats
    Wall Squats
    Sumo Squats
    Donkey Kicks
    Deadlifts (Love the lift u get under the glutes...)

    Walking on a super duper high incline on my treadmill
    Running bleachers..

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