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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Favorites

I get lots of questions on my favorite things in the food and fitness word. I thought I would create a post on my favorite things. I promise none of these sources endorse me. Some are my friends... but most are just tried an true! Feel free to share yours, too.

Fitness Clothes:
- Lululemon - I admit I am biased since I am Canadian

Fitness Shoes:
- Skechers

- Raw Elements - this is a great site for natural products run by my friend, Dawn
- Hemp: Manitoba Harvest
- Protein Powder: Sun Warrior
- Honey: Sweet Pure Honey - read more about it from my friend, Stella
- Coconut Butter

- Xtrema Cookware
- All Clad
- VitaMix

- Biotics - thanks to my NTP designation I know all about these


  1. Yayyyy! Thank you for sharing, Tosca! =)

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  2. LOVE other clothes fit the same!! :)

  3. Heard a whole lot about lululemon but have yet to try them...the numbers for sizing is a whole new game:0)

  4. I should own shares in Lululemon, I love their clothing too! I actually have one of their deep V tops that was designed and manufactured in Vancouver :)

  5. Thanks for showing us what you use. I just got my own Vitamix. It would be great if you came out with a book of recipes just for the Vitamix. That would help alot.

  6. Tosca, I'm just learning to eat clean- do you have a protein powder you recommend for someone on a tight budget?

  7. Ditto to All Clad ... I use the set I got for my wedding (almost nine years ago) every day, and they're still like new!

  8. You know not everyone can afford Lululemon and Vitamix - maybe you can do some lower end recommends for those who are not in a great financial position but still want to eat clean and be fit - just saying

    1. Vitamix has a payment plan .. that's how I got mine :-)

    2. If you want to look great on a tight budget, I would recommend Old Navy or Walmart fitness apparel. Especiall Old Navy, if you sign up to get e-mail coupons, you can get some great deals on beautiful looking clothing. The fit is not exactly like Lululemon, but a good compromise. Happy shopping!

  9. Thanks for sharing your favorites Tosca! I am a die hard Lululemon fan as well! And I could not live with out my Vitamix.

    Rebecca, you do not need these things to eat clean, a regular blender and some cute workout gear from Target will do the trick just as well ;)

  10. Kinda like Athleta for clothing vs. Lululemon .. :-D

  11. I have 6 pound bags of cyro sport pure whey protien! Chocolate and vanilla! For one third the price as anyone else on the market! 15$ a bag... if interested please e-mail regarding protein at

  12. that's what I needed. I just wanna some good recommendations. thanks.

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