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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give Day 14: Give Technology (and Win)

Power Breakfast!
Photo Credit: my social media coordinator Kiersten
If you are a high-tech wizard offer to teach someone low-tech how to operate their toys. I am of low-tech variety and love when my daughters teach me new tricks. And to keep that tech-is-the-new-cool vibe I'll be giving away 3 Apple iTunes gift cards to the first 3 people to comment with their tech tips. You could use this gift to download some of our readers favorite workout songs that they shared with us on Gives: Day 11.

Speaking of low-tech and tips, my husband Robert is on twitter now! Send your twitter tips and follow him at @BobKennedyPubs.

Happy tweeting, liking, buzzing, bopping... boo-pa-dee-boo!

Oooh and here are the Winners from Gives Week 2.

1. Tosca Reno T-Shirts: Sam L, Jessica and GrayKristaa
2. Eat-Clean Diet® Grocery Bag: dpadfield26

Please contact Rachel, our blog coordinator, at with full name, address and telephone number. Please check and see if you were a winner from Week 1 here.


  1. A must is an external hard drive to backup all your music, pictures, etc!!!

  2. I'm not a wizard but I would suggest that people take advantage of Google! When I started my website I had NO idea what html even was. I learned everything myself by googling my way through it! There are so many forums out there where you can learn new things!

    Also - Twitter is a HUGE help! It's easy to use and there are so many people out there willing to help. Just tweet a question and you will have an answer within seconds!

  3. I always link my different email accounts to my iphone so I can respond to people when I'm away from my computer. That way, I can always take care of important emails when I'm on the go.

  4. Google Gmail has a great feature where you can make voice calls for free within Canada and the US. I know it's a low tech thing when I look at my call display and can see that my very non-tech Mum is using it to call me!

  5. I download fitness apps such as Nike trainer and I have a blog to tack my weight loss as well as share my highs and lows with other. I follow other fitness blogs to get tips and motivation.

  6. I transitioned my dad from a basic cellphone to a about patience:)

  7. fitbit, a new must to add to the list!

  8. Must have's:
    Google (I agree!)
    Smart phones for taking all of the above with you....
    Netflix 9where has this been all my life? LOVE!!!)
    IPOD and
    APPLE Computers!!!! <3

    Charging Board for all my gagets


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