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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Give Day 15: Give Holiday Travel Tips

My family & I on our 2010 Christmas Vacation to Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Robert Kennedy
Know someone who is travelling this holiday season? Offer to help them pack. 

This used to be one my least favorite tasks and I must do it often. In fact, very soon my family and I will be heading to Mexico for our family vacation. I know my girls won't do their packing until 5 minutes before we leave so in hopes to make sure things run smoothly, I am offering to help them pack the day before we depart. 

I plan to let them in on some very helpful travel advice that I learned from a friend of mine,  Sandra Lepholtz (she's also a very gifted Reiki Master). She recommends packing your suitcase like a present. Place shoes on the bottom. Then lay your clothes from the center of the suitcase over the sides. Fill the middle with intimates. Then fold the clothes over. You're set! 

Fingers crossed my girls will follow suit...


  1. Great idea! I always try and offer to pick up or drop my friends to the airport. Save them a bit of cash.

  2. After Christmas I will be helping my hubby pack for his trip to jamaica. What would he do without me? LOL We were all supposed to go but it ended up being too costly... it's his fathers memorial/tombstone raising ceremony... it's been a year since he past away... where does the time go?

  3. Totally forgot to write my actual travel advice... LOL My travel tips is that instead of folding the clothes I roll them up jelly roll style. This prevents them from wrinkling.

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