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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give Day 13: Give Exercise!

My girls & I in our Sisters-In-Iron T-shirts. Photo Credit: Paul Buceta & Valeria Nova
Look forward to a new and improved tee to be released in January. 

Who doesn't love a good workout? And enjoying it with friends makes it even better.

Today's GIVE is both healthful and helpful... Offer to take a friend to the gym! You can be their workout partner or their trainer so they can learn firsthand how to do tricky moves like kneeling cable kickbacks. You can even try out Jennifer Nicole Lee's 20 minute Glutes that Salute Workout that she shared with us on the second day of Giving!

And it's best to look good in the gym so why not give your friend your favorite Tosca T-shirt . It will provide motivation and comfort for the best workout yet.

I'll be giving away 3 Tosca T-shirts to the first 3 people who comment on this post below telling us about their favorite workout buddy. Check back tomorrow to see if you have won. I'll also announce all of the winners from Week 2!

Were you a winner from Week 1? Check here.


  1. My favorite workout buddy is no longer around! But when I did have one-she was awesome and motivated me on days where I felt sluggish!!! It's def. a win-win!!!

  2. Love the t-shirts and what a motivation to work out too - I always like a fresh workout routine too.

  3. I love working out while my eight year old twins watch and do some of their own exercises. They love the music I play and I love that they are seeing their mom take care of herself. A happy, healthy mom makes for a happy, healthy family! Cheers!

  4. My favourite workout buddy is my mom! We love to do spin classes and hit the weights together. So far she has lost 10 lbs and is healthier than ever all thanks to eating clean and your workout tips. Thanks Tosca!!! We love our signed copy of your book :)

  5. My boyfriend hands down! He has taught me so much about working out and healthy diet. Plus he hits the gym hard every day.. Can't get much more motivation than that!!!!

  6. My neighbor is awesome at calling and asking me to come work out with her... And I do the same for her! People ask us if we are sisters all of the time. I should start telling people YES, we are sisters in iron. Lol

  7. My Favorite cardio/strength workout buddies are Chalene and Jillian, LOL they are my DVD workout Guru's (I use Chalene's turbofire and JM's plethora of fitness dvd's)... When it comes to weight training my buddies are You, Tosca Reno and the various fitness models/real life inspirations from Qxygen Mag that I have cut out of the mag and used to create a inspiration board that I hang in my exercise room to remind me of where I want to be. Thank you or being you and for doing what you do!

  8. My bestie and I started going to a 5:15am bootcamp 2x a week in September. It definitely made getting up that early much easier knowing that we were going to be able to hang out and push each other. We are both still going strong in the program and are continuing on in the new year.

  9. color me sad! i don't have a workout buddy! wish i did!


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