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Monday, December 12, 2011

Give Day 12: Give Pancakes!

Mmmmm! Oatmeal pancakes are the perfect alternative to the typical syrupy sweet mess that comes in a box. The best part is, oatmeal pancakes are absolutely delicious, nutritious and portable. In fact, they make for perfect holiday gifts.

Put the dry ingredients of the recipe in a Mason jar. You can decorate with a festive bow and give to friends for a healthy breakfast option. Don't forget to include the recipe, like my Power Oatmeal Pancakes.

Consumable gifts like this are cheap and easy and are always appreciated by the recipient. I will definitely be doing this for my friends this holiday season.

P.S. Catch me on Martha Stewart Radio today for Morning Living with Brian and Betsy where I'll be sharing more clean holiday tips.


  1. I will definitely be doing this! thanks

  2. oh i love this idea. I used to cross stitch little patterns and "build" a lid for a mason jar to personalize them ... what fun!

  3. ohhhh how I
    love pancakes! I have made your recipe before and they are YUMMY! Love the idea to gift them in a Mason Jar... I will be adding this to my list of DIY Xmas presents this year. TX

  4. Love sumoffood's idea... sounds sooo cute!


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