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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Motivation

Our February Specials continue this week on the Eat-Clean Diet® website. Our team has put an extra emphasis on staying motivated this month. With spring right around the corner it is time to really ramp up your efforts and get Beach Body ready for summer!

Be inspired by Eat-Clean Diet® community member Heather Shoemaker, our new featured Success Story. Heather lost 40 pounds and increased her athletic performance with the Eat-Clean Diet®. Way to go Heather! Don't miss our other inspiring success stories.

Avid Eat-Clean Diet® fan Kathryn Kot shares her Eat-Clean transformation in our Letters to Tosca. Read her letter and be motivated to change!

Need one last kick in the pants to jump (or stay) on the Eat-Clean train? Eating Clean is the number six trend of 2011. If you haven't started to Eat Clean, food manufacturers and restaurants near you will do it for you by touting products with simplified ingredients. Recall my last post, "Breakfast Cereals Are Going Clean!"? Well there is more on, in their article "10 Things That Will Go Mainstream in 2011". So come join me, my team and our Eat-Clean Diet® community on the road to Clean and healthy living!


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