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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!

That's my blonde little girlie at age 5! 

Hello Everyone,

It is a special day in the house as my daughter Kiersten is celebrating her 23rd birthday.  We brunched with her on Sunday in our favorite Kingston spot, Pan Chan Cho . Latte in a Bowl and Breakfast Wrap Up were the hot menu items.

Kiersten is a joyful young woman who once she sets her mind on accomplishing something will not be held back.  Did you notice her goal to have abs for Costa Rica? Well she set out to carve them up and she did just that.  Now she is on to building lean muscle mass.  I wonder what is next???

I want to wish my girl a wonderful, joyful and fulfilling birthday with another 364 days of the same.
Kiersten at 22 in NYC last spring! 

Hugs and Kisses,

Your Momma


  1. She's so like you..In many ways - Go Kiersten!

    (my name is Kristin, my Birthday is tomorrow, just wish I was 23 again..)

  2. Happy Birthday Kiersten!!! We share the same birth month and what a great month it is. It's the month of LOOOOOVE. LOL
    Hope you had a great day!



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