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Monday, September 17, 2012

High School Cafeteria How-To

Today we've got a special note from one of my youngest fans - 16-year-old Brittany. She is already taking active participation in her health by following an Eat-Clean lifestyle. She has some great tips today on how to handle the high-school cafeteria. You can follow Brittany on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Hi! My name is Brittany. I am 16 years old. I love to lift weights, and I make it a daily priority to put healthy, Clean foods into my body to ensure efficiency.

In my cafeteria, you will see nearly every single student squished in line to buy the greasy curly fries, pizza, chips, candy, cookies, donuts, bagels, and sandwiches. They're cheap.This is not uncommon in many schools. It's easier to throw processed food in an oven and serve it to students then to hand cut veggies and natural protein sources into bite-size pieces.

When I eat processed food, my body feels the effects rather quickly. I become extremely lethargic. This is why I bring my own school lunch! I make sure that I get quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats for complete nourishment. Typically, I will bring in chicken (which I will cook up in bulk at the end of the weekend), whole-grain bread with natural almond butter, and both a fruit and veggie.

Here are some other healthy ideas:
- For protein, try tuna or salmon packets, hard-boiled eggs, etc.
- For carbs, aim for brown rice cakes, sweet potatoes, veggies and fruit, etc.
- For fats, try any type of nut, avocado, hummus, etc.

I typically tote around my Tupperware containers or I bring in  plastic baggies. Get a large lunch box or even put it in a reusable bag. I like to cook in bulk on a Sunday night so I have all my food ready to grab and go. It is so worth it!

I avoid most sugar at all costs at it is a nasty and unnecessary ingredient that is slowly killing us. I don't indulge in the copious bags of Skittles, cookies, and other junk sold in my cafeteria lunch line.
It's not impossible to eat healthy at lunch, but it does take dedication, knowledge in your health and well-being, and effort.

If you put good in, you get good out!


  1. Right on Brittany. Your certainly on the right track for taking care of your health. Have a great and healthy school year.

    Joe Salottolo

  2. I loved your blog, Brittany. I remember what it was like at school... unfortunately I was crammed in line with the rest of the students waiting for my poutine or whatever was on the menu that day. It was much, much later in life (I'm in my mid-thirties!)that I found The Eat Clean Diet and made this wonderful lifestyle change. Never, ever stop inspiring others and trying to help your classmates understand the importance of embracing health and wellness at an early age!!!

    Love and respect, Tasha

  3. Wow Brittany! Good for you.......I wish I was as wise as you are at 16. Keep up your healthy eating education and you will go far and stay healthy ;)

  4. Awesome guest post, Brittany! What a surprise to see you on Tosca's blog. You rock! :D

  5. Great post Brittany! If only more high school kids could be as dedicated to making their health a priority! xoxo

  6. Fantastic to see you here, Britt! Both you and Tosca are awesome chicks. Back in high school it seems I lived off skittles and cafeteria cheeseburgers. Shhh! don't tell anybody. That was many moons ago, after all. ((winks))

  7. Wow Brittany. Are you sure you're 16!? :) I am really impressed by your knowledge, commitment and postiive attitude. Clearly a leader.

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