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Monday, September 17, 2012


Hey everyone,

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Coach Catolino and I are hosting a live-chat on October 4th on Ustream! In preparation for our event we'd like you to submit your competition related questions. Leave a comment below, or tweet @toscareno #competitionchatlive with your question.

To get all of the details about the event please visit my events calendar!


  1. I get up at 5 and head straight to my basement to lift weights. Typically I don't eat anything since I work out immediately upon waking (within 15 minutes anyway). I'm wondering if having a protein shake might better my results? And how long after having one do I need to wait before lifting?
    Some days I just lift, others I follow up with 20-40 minutes of cardio - what should I be eating post workout in either scenario, and how long after working out do I need to eat again for optimum results?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I am a military spouse and we live in Northern Japan. I am having a hard time finding produce that I am used to cooking with, specifically sweet potatoes. We can't receive American sweet potatoes, we have to use Japanese ones. They don't taste or bake the same. So I was hoping to ask if you could possibly try using some of the native fruits and vegetables in some recipes in the near future? It is hard to do the cooler 1 plan with out Sweet Potatoes, and is it okay to substitute, and with what?(we are here for 2 more years). Thanks! I love all your books!

  3. What is the time commitment for competition? I am a mother of two young boys and would love to compete in a figure competition, but am daunted by the task and don't know where to start. Somedays I am lucky to carve out 30 minutes for a workout as I workout at home in the basement or by hitting the pavement with the boys in the jogging stroller. So basically, how would I begin to attempt this goal as it is something I really want to do :)

  4. You seem to have made many positive changes to your body over a short period of time. Would like to know how many days your working out per week, how long are the sessions, and what percentage is cardio & what percentage is weights??

  5. Hi Tosca & Coach Catolino ,
    I'm 43 years old and I have been dealt for many years of PCOS[Polycystic Ovary Syndrome]with many surgeries ending up with a hysterectomy last March 2011 that welcomed menopause and I have hypothyroidism. Have either one of you trained or coached someone with my issues? Having said that it makes it very very difficult to lose weight and get fit I'm currently taking Bio-identical hormones & thyroid (synthroid)medication. I work out 3-4x a week and I have cut out dairy/soy/gluten from my diet and cut sugar. I only use stevia in my coffee and I'm not losing weight. Is there hope for me? It is very depressing and I am seeking your help and guidance I consider Tosca my fitness guru and she is an inspiration to me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel considering she started eating clean and getting fit in her 40's. I'm a fighter I don't want to quit but I don't see the results I really don't want more surgery to fix the problem of an apron fat belly ....need both your help ASAP!!!

    I just want to feel like myself again!!!
    Thanks so much !
    Pati Clark

  6. To both Tosca and Rita.

    I know the competition is very close. What are your biggest fears both as the competitor and trainer?

    If you had to change anything that you have done to this point, what would it be?

    What would winning this competition in honour of Robert Kennedy mean to you?

    Good luck to both of you. We will be their cheering you on.

    Shirley Rogers and Joe Salottolo

  7. You both are obviously huge inspirations to me - I was just curious what was your favorite and least favorite part of the prep?

    Can't wait to watch you kick some butt!!


  8. Are there any concerns or limitations for competitors that have breast implants under the muscle?

  9. Hello, Tosca & Rita! I am so inpspired by the both of you, that I have decided to not only lose my last 80 pounds now that my knee has fully healed, but to also compete just once for the experience! I know that my decission to do at least one competition will motivate me to lose the 80 pounds. My question is this: At what point in my Eat Clean weightloss journey do I start "seriously" prepping for competition? Do I start now, at the beginning of my weightloss goals, or do I wait until I have 20 pounds left to lose or less? And how do stretch marks factor in to competing in those cute, tiny little bathing suits? I'm affraid I have so many stretch marks, I will not be allowed to compete! I graciously ask for your advice, because I admire you so much. Thank you, Tosca and Rita. I appreciate you help so very much. XOXOX ~ "Kaptain" Kymberly Morgan

  10. Hi Tosca & Rita:
    I've been training for my very first bikini competition that will be on Nov. 3rd. Among some of the many resources available, I've used tips from Tosca's clean eating book for my diet/supplements and my husband is training me. Because we have no experience in this area, I'd like to know what are the critical things I'll need to do as we near the contest day (training, diet, etc). I also want to select the most flattering suit (color/cut) for my figure and skin tone, but I'm concerned about how it will fit based on my taking measurements now when I'm not sure how much more my body will change. Any advice/resources you both can provide would mean so much to me. Thanks!

  11. I've really enjoyed following the progress from both of you in prep for Tosca's show. I find myself looking forward to reading new blog post; you have both been an inspiration to me. Recognizing that diet plays a huge factor in our goals, I'd love to see more about a typical diet and pre-workout fuel. Can you please explain how you eat in a typical day versus contest prep and how carb cycling plays a role?

  12. I have a very bad back and was wondering what exercise I should avoid or how I can strengthen my back so that it doesn't hurt everyday. I was born with an extra vertebrae and have 3 fused docs in my lower spine, have the beginning stages of osteoarthritis and have a tendency to get acute sciatica.... Not so cute. I have been active my entire life. Infact was a professional dancer and hate this extra 20lbs that I am carrying around. Very depressing. I've lost my dance career and feel as if I losing myself.

  13. Ladies: Thank you for being inspirational! I lost 90 pounds of which I am pound of, but now am very confused about losing the rest. I lost the first pounds eating oatmeal and brown rice. Now I have discovered Paleo, like everyone else in the world, but am having a hard time with understanding why it helps weight loss. When I first lost I kept it off for 3 year, then as soon as I started Paleo I gained 15 pounds. I can not have nuts or seeds in the house without triggering the need for a extra large serving in the middle of the night. I believe in eating clean, but am having a hard time with Paleo and eating clean. If you run a lot and lift how can you have energy to do both on Paleo and making it a lasting lifestyle.

    Thank you!

    natalia lewis

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  15. First of all, thank you for changing my life 5 years ago and continuing to inspire me everyday.

    Tosca you look AMAZING, and are once again prove that anything is being 140lb lighter I've decided that next years goal for me is a figure competition.

    What advice do you have for finding the right competition to enter. Also, having once been 315 lbs, I'm kind of nervous about walking half naked across a stage in front of a bunch of people, how do you get rid of the jitters? Do you even get them?

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing you compete on the 13th!
    :O) Brenda

  16. Thank you ladies for being two of the most inspirational women in my life. I have great admiration for what both of you are doing.

    My question is about building muscle. Over the course of twelve weeks most women take to prep for shows, it is about building some muscle, but mostly about leaning out so you can show off the muscle you do have. For a total novice would you recommend someone go through a period of strict muscle building (lots of strength training, higher calories, etc) before diving right into the 12 week lean out?

  17. Will you be releasing a bookazine documenting your journey with your workouts and nutrition, etc.?

  18. I'm curious to know your tips on eating well while eating out! I often give up on eating out and just stick to preparing everything myself when I'm tryig to hit a new fitness goal. What have you ordered when you've eaten out during competition prep? Do you ask the kitchen to prepare things more simply and healthfully than what you see on the menu? It seems you've had to eat out at least a few times during your contest prep because of your travel schedule, so I'm certain you've got some good tips for us! :)

  19. Tosca: At Can Fit Pro you looked better than ever. Obviously you have been doing things a little different in training for this competition. I would love to know what your 2 top recommendations are from a diet stand point and from a work out stand point as far as the best way of getting and showing your muscle definition?

    Wishing all the best for the 13th.

  20. Way to go ladies! The sport of competing has transformed my health & mental you the journey has meant more to me than just a great shape. Yet competing us not well known & is pretty intimidating, especially for women. What are your thoughts on how the industry can better promote itself & be more approachable?

  21. I am 5'4" at 170lbs. I have a muscular tone under all this fluff. Just had a baby 6m ago (#5) and am looking to compete. I am currently weight training 5-6 days a week and doing 20-30 HIIT cardio 3-4 days. I am in my 7th week of training. My diet consist of clean low-carb cycling. I have seen results of muscle increase and inches lost but no results with the scales. I am by no means looking to lose fast, but am determined to stay deligent and make this a lifestyle. When should I expect to start seeing some serious results so that I will be confident to sign up to compete?

  22. First off huge thanks to both of you for taking some time out of your busy schedules to host this open forum opportunity!

    I'm gearing up for my first bikini competition and not having had any training or such have a few questions. 1. Cellulite....the dreaded C word. Despite clean eating and sweating it out with cardio and weight sessions I still have some clinging on to my glutes. As my reference for bikini competitors is only magazines and web photos I'm wondering if cellulite is something that doesn't show up once the self tanner is applied or if all these gorgeous women who's photos I've seen just really don't have any! If the later, any suggestions on beyond what I’m doing to combat this would be terrific. 2. I'm 4-6 weeks out from show date and have just started am cardio, pm weights, and a second pm cardio session (both steady state sessions of 45-60min) six days a week. My clean eating is in the 1100-1200 cal range. I still have some fat to shed from the backs of my arms and glutes. Am I on the right path?

    Thanks a mil in advance!

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