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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beat Back 2 School Belly Bulge

Our very own Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador Jill Holland is here today to share with you her tips for going back-to-school the waste-friendly way. She's got it right with her easy options for any number of college food nightmares. Take it away Jill...
Jill Holland's got your back - to school that is!
A new school year has begun, and there’s so much to be excited about. It’s a fresh start, an adventure of new knowledge, and re-uniting with friends. Let’s be honest though, you’ll be bombarded with cafeteria choices, grocery shopping, social nights, and study-time munch attacks, too. Making the best Clean food choices may represent the difference between the ‘Freshman 15’….or not. With a little bit of planning and organization, you can make easy grab-and-go healthy choices of your own!

Here are some quick and simple tips to spare your waistline (and wallet), fill you with energy, and nourish your body. Let’s go!

Backpack Essentials
• Make your own snack-size Ziplocs of nuts and seeds like unsalted/non-roasted almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Buying in bulk gives you endless combinations of your own. Be creative.
• Fresh fruit like apples and pears are great portables in their own wrappers!
• Homemade protein or granola bars are nutritious snacks.
• Hydrate! Keep a re-usable (washable) water bottle handy. Hunger is often really thirst in disguise.
• Carry a food kit of cinnamon, stevia, green tea bags, single-serve 100% oats in a Ziploc, protein powder singles, fork, spoon, and collapsible bowl.

Cafeteria and Night Life
• Grab a salad with grilled chicken, or take your own hard-boiled eggs or tuna pouches (yes, there are some Clean, water-packed ones out there)
• Order a grilled sandwich, ditch half the bun and have them double the veggie topping!
• When ordering, don’t be afraid to modify. Speak up.
• Pack your lunch and snacks in a cooler bag for the day to keep you on track and save money. Some cafeterias offer access to microwaves, too.
• When heading out for the night, eat a healthy mini-meal before you go. Then order a small salad with the gang.

Buddy Up!
• Shop for fresh produce and lean meats with a friend and share the cost.
• Make the week’s food prep a social event with a pal.
• When studying in your dorm, make a healthy snack to share with friends, like trail mix, fresh veggies, or kale chips if you have an oven. They’ll catch on and follow your example.
• At meal times, surround yourself with friends who support a healthy lifestyle.

Check out these websites for snacks and easy meal ideas:

Wishing you every success in your academic year ahead! Study hard, Eat-Clean, and best of health!

Jill Holland
Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador
Oxygen model


  1. Great information for the school going gang Jill. Very well done.

    Joe Salottolo

  2. Some great ideas Jill! I think when you say ziplocs you mean the reuseable plastic or glass type containers that are easily washed and reused and not the ziploc baggies..
    I like the glass ones for my oats, it's carries the dry ingedients easy-easy and I just add the boiling water and eat :)

    1. Hi Yukon. :) There are a variety of options for portability, and definitely the re-usable earth-friendly, health-friendly ones are the most desirable. Some people have a personal preference to ziplocs, and that's ok too. If I can encourage people to adopt a clean eating lifestyle and add activity into their days to optimize their health benefits, then that sure does make me smile. :) Thanks for your great tip for the oats-on-the-run! :)

  3. Hi- what tuna pouches do you recommend that are clean?

  4. Hi kac. :) In Canada, there are CloverLeaf tuna pouches (there's a tiny bit of veg broth), and small tins of plain tuna packed in water with an easy-open tab. In the US, they carry low-sodium Starkist pouches. Just be sure to select the plain unflavoured ones. :) Thanks for asking!

  5. That are some of the great ideas, loved reading them...thanks for sharing..keep posting new updates.

    Collapsible Bulk Containers

    1. Hi Logan - Thank you for your feedback! There are many more tips in the November issue of Oxygen magazine on page 66, in an article that I wrote. Thanks again for your positive comments! :-)


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