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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tough Love Tuesday - Things I Learned from Bob

Photo Credit: Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti

I have to do this every day with Rita Catolino. Check out more things I learned from Tough Love Bob in my July Oxygen magazine "Raise the Bar" column. 


  1. Agreed! There is always someone stronger, leaner, and more conditioned than us...the beauty is that we are all in the gym together trying to "better" ourselves. Love the picture.

  2. So fiance and I have just recently begun to work out together and I have to get accustomed to making "weird" faces or sounds when I am doing my best. I realize that being at the gym is not a place for looking pretty, or being self conscious. It's about letting all of that go and it's the one place where you should focus only on you and not on what others think of you, or what you think of others. My fiance learned a lesson too. He learned that there is no such thing as a "girly" machine. He recently began conditioning his inner thighs, because he also does Jujitsu besides weight training and this is a body part that needs to be strong for that martial art. He's weight trained for about 5 years now and never used two machines (the abductor and adductor) because women mostly use them. He's grown out of that now. Thank you for the post Tosca!


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