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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Weekend Protein Popsicle Treats in Action!

Last week I posted my refreshing Protein Smoothie Popsicle recipe from the Eat-Clean Diet Family and Kids book. The response has been amazing! So many members of the Eat-Clean Diet community have made the protein pops and told us how much they love them.

Have you tried the recipe? Please share how it worked out and if you made any tweaks.

You can leave a comment below or reach out on any of these social networks:

- Post a picture on our Eat-Clean Diet Facebook page
- Tweet a picture of it at me @toscareno and @eatcleandiet
- Post the recipe on your blog and link to mine

Your post, tweet or blog could get a shout out from the Eat-Clean Diet team!

Check out these versions from Eat-Clean Diet fans.

Christina's mango banana combination sounds delicious read about it on her blog and I just love the presentation of Marilyn's in the shot glasses. Amacuba flavored hers with Chai instead of vanilla. How creative! Our twitter follower @chicmsfit got her Eat-Clean kiddo involved in fun too.

I can't wait to hear how it turned out for you and if you put your own clean twist on it!

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  1. I definately need to try these out on my kids, they look yummy!!!

  2. Just found your blog.. I must follow after this ..
    Recipe for healthy body is my favorite blog

  3. I bet chocolate protein powder, cocoa, and avocado would be good...can you freeze avocado? Guess I'll find out!

  4. Loving all of the pictures! I finally bought "real" popsicle cups so I'm going to make them again - this time strawberry banana! YUM!

  5. can anyone share the original recipe? when I click on the link above I get an error (error 44 not found) .. :(


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