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Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day! A Day to Celebrate...

Photo Credit: BBC News - Guinness could really be good for you!

Now I'm not sure if a Guinness every day is necessarily Eating Clean, but having a taste to celebrate in St. Patrick's Day will be one of my few indulgences.

What's your excuse to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day?  Is it simply the drinking of green beer, Guinness or Irish Whiskey or perhaps all three?  Are you joyous about your Irish roots?  Perhaps you are an Irish Dancer and wish to show Michael Flatley your fast and furious feet?   Don't know who Michael is?  He is the fast footed step dancer who created Lord of the Dance and reputedly danced so fast sparks shot out of his boots.  I don't know about that but I do know I attended one of his performances and from where I sat women were lobbing their knickers at him all throughout the show.  I kept mine on but I could empathize with the admiration.  The man was amazing and in killer shape - I know because he took his shirt off a lot! 

I have no Irish in me but that won't stop me from putting on a fun St. Patty's Day BBQ with loads of greens, Guinness and family.  Since the temps will be in the mid twenties tomorrow I plan to host dinner outside.  I plan to participate in the day because I like any reason to experience a positive attitude.  Send me your green shots particularly if you have some in your teeth.  LOL!

So here's to your health in Irish:  "Slainte" or "Guid forder."

Also don't forget to try my Irish Soda Bread from The Eat-Clean Cookbook. I've attached the recipe so you can make it with your family this weekend!

Keep it clean and green,



  1. I have a bit of Irish in me, so woo hoo!! But I'm glad that temps are bit warmer in the Pacific Northwest! Have a great one!

  2. We are having our annual corned beef and cabbage feast. I think it's clean right? Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions. Yum!

  3. I'm Irish! And we'll be celebrating at our house! Not over-indulging, but celebrating none-the-less! I will have a Guiness or two, or perhaps a black & tan.... and we will have corned beef, cabbage, new potatoes, and a mixed green salad with cucumbers. I will also be serving Tosca's banana muffins, and they will be dyed green! Thanks for the blog post Tosca... as usual, very cool! ~Kaptain Kymberly


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