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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make-up and Eating Clean!

Make-up by Valeria! Photo credit - Paul Buceta
Many Eat-Clean followers comment on how amazing their skin, hair and nails look when they first begin following the Eat-Clean Diet. It's incredible - blemishes disappear, skin glows, hair and nails grow and grow in shiny. You find yourself having little use for heavy foundation, and coverup. When I have seminars, TV appearances and trade show events my make-up artists Valeria and Lori always comment on the little need for these products - the focus is always on the hair, eyes and lips!

Valeria doing my make-up this morning
Valeria and Lori swear by making make-up look like BAM from the inside out! It is one of their keys to successful make-up application and hair styling. It is hard to expect these results by eating junk, processed, refined sugary foods, and drinking, or smoking.

If you are looking for more make-up and hair styling tips please visit Valeria and Lori's new website 2Chicks & Some Lipstick - it is just launching today! These girls have been the creative geniuses behind my many many cover looks, photo shoot styling, and live appearances. They have built an extensive portfolio which you can read all about here. Follow them on twitter too @two_chicks!

Also if you're in Toronto tonight swing by Brassaii. These 2Chicks are throwing their official launch party!

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  1. Good Morning,
    This week I just celebrated by 60th Birthday, and I feel and look 40. I have been eating clean for 3 years and I never looked back.I run 6 miles a day and my Brain is Sharp. I have not put processed food in my mouth since and never miss it. I read all your books and magazines and still always learn something...You definatley ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!


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