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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Sweet Pure Friends

It's time for another guest blog. Today I will be featuring 2 of my favorite people: Miss Stella Sehn and Mr. Sheldon hill. They are the hardworking duo behind Sweet Pure Honey - a Canadian company focused on creating pure products from simple ingredients. I love their glosses, honey products, and more. Stay tuned because in December I will be giving away some of their tasty treats. Stella and Sheldon the floor is yours...

My name is Sheldon Hill. I have been an apiarist or a  beekeeper (as we are more commonly known). I am the co founder of Sweet Pure Honey. We live in a small community in Saskatchewan called, are you ready for this, Porcupine Plain... I know! I once loathed this name when I was young, but now it's pure gold. The name sticks in your head like a bad radio jingle - permanent damage, but brilliant for a small business like this that we run with our three kids.

My name is Stella Sehn and I am the inventor of Sweet Pure Honey balms.  Our 2-ingredient organic balm contains only Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil and Raw Beeswax.  We gently heat and create our products with inspirational purpose. As we are the actual beekeepers and producers, all the money goes directly to support our farm and local community. 

Together we are the pair behind Sweet Pure Honey simply striving to live healthy creative lives our children can look up to! First of all, we are very proud to be supported by Tosca. We love knowing our products fit her Eat-Clean philosophy and lifestyle. Secondly, we would like everyone to know how committed we are as a company to providing simple and efficient products from nature without the interference or manipulation of man. Aside from honey, the other ingredient we use is the best coconut oil around - Organic Extra Virgin, which is what initially spiked Tosca's interest. She commented on how good it was and wanted to know our source. We're going to make her sweat for a while, but will probably give in on this request at some point! As for the rest of you, read on for what its like to live the life of a beekeeper...

The Life of an Apiarist: 
I am a Beekeeper so honey and beeswax comes to mind. To this day, twenty years since our start, I am still amazed at the purity and efficiency of the food product that is  honey. After the larval stage  of a bee (egg, larval, pupae ) it will be the only food that it will survive on for duration of its life. Think about that for a moment and try to name another food that offers that sustenance. I can't think of too many. When we "pull" or harvest the honey it is during the warmest part of the year when the thermometer hits 25 to 30 degrees Celcius (plus a whopping 70+ percent humidity).  That is when I put on my coveralls fitted with a hood, lift very heavy boxes as fast as you can (more reps means a better workout), and drink about a gallon of water a day just to recover from sweating - and you sweat a lot in this job! After 4 to 5 hours each day I am wiped out. That is when I eat about two or three large tablespoons of honey! Thanks to the nutritive properties of honey, in about a half an hour I can feel my muscles returning "normal" and my brain becomes clear again. Just in time for another round!

I enjoy being in nature and the bees are fascinating creatures in the way they organize themselves and make collective decisions for the good of the hive. We still don’t fully understand why they do some of the things they do. It is intriguing being a part of that culture of beekeeping, a culture that is thousands of years old.


  1. my dad is a beekeeper and we make our own beeswax candles! ( if you want to take a look) honey bees always amaze me. i swear our garden thrives every year because of our bees :)

  2. I think this is wonderful and what a great way to instill healthful living through the power of nature. I really LOVE what Ms. Sehn said . . ."how committed we are as a company to providing simple and efficient products from nature without the interference or manipulation of man."


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