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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Power of Ellen

Tomorrow I am attending the Power of Women conference in Toronto. Ellen DeGeneres is speaking at the event and it got me thinking... what would it take to be a guest on Ellen de Generes' show?

My guess is it would have to be humorous and entertaining.  No lectures about what to eat and what not to eat.

How about a "Who's Got the Best Butt" contest?  Ellen and I could judge hot butts.  I could teach audience members how to tighten up and pose for a good butt shot.

Then we could have a "Blend Up a Smoothie" contest.  We could have two blenders going and whizz up a bunch of ingredients and see whose tastes the best and who makes the biggest mess.

Next we could do a "One-Arm Pushup" contest.  See who can and who can't.

How about your idea??  

What can Eat Clean fans come up??

Hugs and can't wait for Ellen tomorrow.


  1. I cannot believe you have not been on Ellen yet actually! You are my hero! I was so inspired by your story, as it was like reading into a mirror of my own life! I am 38 years old, have 3 daughters now 9,12, and 15. They are all very active in dance and very athletic..I made sure of that - but I was not (anymore) I had been a stay at home mom forever, and started a business of my own, but something was missing inside me...I was putting all of my effort and love into everything and everyone else but inside myself! I was stress eating horribly and I knew it, only I did not know how to change it. I was gaining weight, I felt brutal, I was getting "female infections" from way too much sugar, and I knew I needed to change. A friend gave me your name, and I now have all your books, ( most of them read!) and I am trying to implement the information into my life one idea at a time. I now eat breakfast every day... which I had never done, I am off coffee for 2 months now ( no more dbl creams ), and really paying attention to the foods that are going inside my mouth. I am far from perfect, but I am 75% better! I have most importantly implemented an excercise routine again. I am certain I am addicted to it now, as I am visably seeing results in the mirror, and I am loving them. I feel like I am awakening and ready to begin my life - full of passion for my daughters, my business again, and best of all for me. I thank you for your story, and I'd love to see you on Ellen! Good Luck! Kristen

  2. That would be awesome! I would love to watch you on Ellen! You should contact their people STAT! Sorry, I'm a nurse! ;-)

  3. I hope you're enjoying Toronto my hometown : )

    and You should definitely be on Ellen I have to agree with the comment above. I had no idea what clean eating was until I stumbled upon your blog and purchased your recipe book. so glad I did!


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