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Monday, August 22, 2011

Can Fit Pro!

What do you get when you combine endorphin-high fitness fanatics with all the latest and great in health, fitness and motivation? You get Can-Fit-Pro 2011!


That's all I can say about this event. I was on my feet raring to go all day long. I had a truly fulfilling experience speaking in a private session to some of the best fitness trainers around. We talked motivation,  one of the most important parts of being a trainer, for an hour and a half. I threw in some one-armed pushups and butt grabbing for fun, too! After that I spent most of the afternoon signing books and meeting the most wonderful fellow fitness and Eat Clean enthusiasts around. I can't begin to tell you all of the motivational & uplifting stories that came out of this show. Some will be posted soon on my Eat-Clean Diet website.

Best of all, this weekend reminded why fitness is so important. The positive attitude and healthy glow radiating from every person I met just proves the vitality that fitness puts back into your life. From a lady who used to have a hard time getting off the couch that reminder reinforced the new lease on life that fitness has given me.

So... get off the couch & give yourself permission to change, grow & glow!

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  1. Tosca, meeting you was such a privilage! Thanks so much for being you and for being a friend to all of us in fitness and a friend-to-be to all those who are yearning for health and vitality! Laurene :-)


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