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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clothes & Shoes

All three items are Lululemon. The pink jacket is my go-to! 

We all know exercise isn't always pretty, but that doesn't mean we can't at least try to look our best as we sweat our way to our healthiest selves. I hear a lot of requests from you Clean eaters wanting to know where I buy the clothes and shoes I wear for the shoots and appearances I do on a regular basis. Here's my go-to list of gym wear: (P.S. I am not sponsored by any of these companies... just tried and true).

1. Lululemon: This Canadian company is the cornerstone of my fitness wear. Literally, 3/4 of my shelves are lined with their yoga pants, sports bras, fitness tops, shorts, jackets, sweatshirts, socks and undies. I love them and I am thrilled they are making a splash in the US, too.

My ever growing workout wardrobe! 
2. Puma: Their shoes look good in the gym and on the street. Plus, they come in a wide range of fun colors to spice up even the plainest gym look.

3. Nike: Who doesn't love gym wear from this megabrand? I had a heyday at the Nike Employee Store when I was in Beaverton, Oregon a few years ago. They make great shoes and gym gloves.

4. Elisabetta Rogiani: This LA-based designer knows how to make great-looking gym pieces that fit well and keep you supported. I'll be wearing Rogiani at the upcoming Arnold Expo in March.

5. Arc'teryx: Winter weather can be beat with this cozy and cute collection. They are another Canadian brand that keeps me warm when I trek out with the dogs in my snowshoes.

6. Keen: Their winter and summer footwear keep my feet protected and comfortable for watersports, trekking in the woods, and trudging around the garden.

7. New Balance: What can I say? You guys loved the orange and purple combo from this great shoe company. I love their fun colours.

My purple New Balance shoes, style number #WR773PM from SportChek

8. Saucony: Distance running can eat my dust in these amazing shoes. I sported them during my triathlon and 1/2 marathon and felt comfortable and cool the whole time.

9. Under Armour: Support, comfort, dry-wicking and a simple yet sexy design. What more could you want? I love their clothes for layering under my winter running and snowshoeing gear.

10. Smartwool: Great socks for both air-conditioned or toasty feet. My sister-in-law Tammy introduced me to these socks for endurance events such as the triathlon and 1/2 marathon plus snowshoeing and pretty much anything. Love them!!

For those Eat-Clean Diet® community members who have had trouble maintaining their workout routines, new workout clothes are a great motivator! Try out some of these brands and tell me what you think here on my blog.

Keep it tight (and cute),



  1. hey doll
    super cute picks
    comfy and cute.
    Roxie and i cant wait to meet yo at Arnold.

  2. What would work best for someone that is just starting out and still squishy & jiggly, not yet in the single digits for athletic wear???

  3. Kerri- I'm basically your description and I wear a comfortable pair of yoga pants that flare at the knee and a somewhat tight Under Armour t-shirt, which actually makes me look thinner than I really am because A) I'm sucking in my abs for a workout anyway so you see a flat tummy, B) the material is tight enough to act like a cinch without being uncomfortable. :)

  4. Kerri I've recently found New Balance Tech Tees & I love them a little longer than most. I'm a size 14/16 & oudered the 2X to make sure they weren't clingy & it its perfect.

  5. I can attest to the Lululemon gear. I received my gift certificate from you dear Tosca and ordered some pants and shorts....LOVE THEM!!! I actually had to return them for smaller sizes, I was stoked!!
    They fit so well and don't move around, very breathable too!
    Thanks Tosca! Looking at your closet/wardrobe, I think I need to get more workout clothes. I have a total of 3 pair of pants, a handful of shirts and a few pair of shorts. Yikes!!


  6. I heard that Lululemon is now American. I may be wrong though. Anyone else know?

  7. I love Lulu but even their undies shift while I workout. It's so frustrating. Whenever I do side shuffles my undies shift. Do you guys have any suggestions? If you do message me at because its quite uncomfortable and embarrassing!!

  8. Got my New Balance tech T and pants last week and love them! The longer length on the shirt is great for covering my squish when I reach. Thanks for the suggestion kimberly3273! Someday soon I hope to be able to fit into a cute little Lulu outfit, but right now they are only for skinny girls! I WILL be there, eating clean every day and working out to burn this fat!

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