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Friday, October 2, 2009

Skin Care and More...

A few posts ago a blogger asked about my skin care routine:

My favorite tool is the Clarisonic Plus skin brush. I use it every other day without fail with a mild cleanser containing AHAs. I switch up the brand, but right now I'm using an Obagi product. I also use their Vit C serum on my face, neck and chest after washing. I am using the Aveda Green Science line for moisture and eye cream. I also put an SPF 30 on after all of that.

I eat so very little sugar in my diet and I think this really contributes to the look of my skin. I also drink A LOT of water. These very basic things can make a huge difference!!

In regards to running at 9 mph:

It really wasn't a typo. I really do run between 7 - 9 mph for about 30 min right now. My legs are pretty long and I've always been pretty fast... I was a dedicated soccer player long ago! Perhaps I should have waited a little longer to recover before resuming this speed. My injured calf tightened up quite a bit after that!!


  1. 9 MPH - wow so that means you can run a 5km race in under 20 mins - thats impressive by any standards, but even more so if you are injured!

  2. Running at 9 mph puts you at the high end of recreationally elite runners — people who are serious about their running, but not yet world-class athletes. A 9 mph pace is equal to a 6.5 minute mile. Assuming you can sustain this pace for 6.2 miles, you could finish a 10K race in only 40 minutes!

  3. I really enjoyed your article in "Off the Couch" about sabotage. It was extremely insightful. Thank you for being so positive and not allowing the negativity to overpower you.

    It's really difficult sometimes to explain one's passion for fitness to others and backlash or being accused of "overdoing it" and getting too "skinny". I eat healthy proteins, whole grains, veggies, nuts, etc. I love my low fat milk and, every now and then, have a fun treat. I feel like I need to down a doughnut with every meal to prove to my family that I'm not "obsessed" with eating "disgustingly" healthy. Thank you for the article; it was very much appreciated! I will continue eating clean, healthy meals, no matter what looks I may get.

    Thanks again!

  4. Tosca, Not sure if you are familiar with the EWG in Washington. There website posts products with the hazard rating to our health. The alot of the Obagi products score very high in cosmetic hazards to our health. Thought you should know as its not only important to take care of ourselves from the inside, but also from the outside. Personally, I make my own skin cream, for several years now.



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