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Monday, October 5, 2009

I Hope This Clears Things Up...

I usually run fairly fast. I have never tested myself to see how fast and for how long I could run. I do love to sprint. When I posted about how fast I was running I certainly did NOT mean I ran that fast for miles on end. Rather, I am doing HIITS (intervals) so I am running at a slower pace (usually the 4 - 5 setting) mixed in with faster sprints for 1 or 2 laps on the treadmill at speeds between 7 and 9. I do this for about 30 mins or more. Don't forget these are treadmill speeds that are different from outdoor running speeds. Don’t get me wrong – I am NOT a world class athlete. Not even close. I intend to find out what I can do by training for a sprint distance triathlon but will take my time to train since the event is not until next year.

I did not mean to mislead anyone with that post but it seems I have confused most of you. My mistake. But I do want to maintain that I do have a bit of speed even for an old gal. And my calf is much better – today I ran 3 miles uphill on the treadmill at a pace of between 4 and 5. Now by posting this I wonder if you all are thinking I am full of crap or just royally confused! Guess you will have to ask Bob – he was in the gym with me.

To my Sisters (and brothers) in Iron! I hope this makes sense!


  1. I dont think we were questioning your ability, but rather marvelling at it!
    Thats an awesome HIIT workout - and doing hillwork I think is one of the most challenging things you can do on a treadmill, people really under-estimate how hard that can be.
    You need to know that everybody who reads this site thinks you are a rockstar and we absorb every word you say!! ha ha
    keep up the inspiring work you do which is helping all of us work that much harder.
    cheers x

  2. Tosca, how does one email you a question? The link on the right that says go here: FAQS does not work. Thx!

  3. I was thinking, dang, you are an animal! You should do very well in your triathlon, maybe even place in your age group! I've done quite a few and love the challenge. You can always go longer. I've got my sights set on a half-ironman distance in 2010. My newbie advice for you would be borrow a road bike from someone who matches you in build and get used to it long before the race, then maybe purchase one after you're hooked. Chew gum on the bike and run, helps keep my mouth moist and test drive your race day nutrition in training. No new food day of race..can you say GI meltdown!?

  4. Thanks for clearing things up! I still think your an awesome athlete :)

  5. I never know if I need to comment under the subject I am commenting on, or the latest one. Don't know which one you look at most!!! I would love to see an article or a book section on Clean Eating canning. My sister cans premade sauces and chili starter, but hers are a bit heavy on salt. Canning is such a lost art I think many people would love to see recipes and procedures.

  6. I think you HIIT is right on! You are conditioned and should be running at that speed at the top of your intervals. My goal is to get that recovery speed faster and maintain it longer. That is how I plan to increase my overall speed on longer the 5K you will run at the end of the Sprint Tri. (I think that is how to go about it....if you learn differently...let us know! hehe) Good luck Tosca...and let us know when you pick your race!! :)

  7. Oh...I forgot to mention that if you set your treadmill at a 1% incline that will simulate running outdoors. Here is a treadmill conversion chart that will be helpful for you when training for that Sprint Tri throughout the winter...

  8. Agreeing with Amanda 100%

  9. Tosca, never are you full of crap. You are just real. One of the many attributes we all love about you. And what a relief, I do not have to try to attain the the goal of running at 9mph for 30 min! (see what power you have over us to get us motivated.) I love to do intervals and am happy to say they are much like to yours. I thought i was in excellent cardiovascular shape and was getting worried in comparison to your the 9 mph rate. Thank you for explaining it to us. We love you

  10. The fact that you can pick up and go, at any rate, so soon after your injury, is motivating.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Just got home from the gym and was so in awe thinking about that on the eliptical (sp?). Still AM in awe of you and your abilities! Turned 40 this year and decided to change the direction of my life as well. You are quite the hero - thanks for the explanations, encouragement and direction! (still want you to come to Virginia!!)


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