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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extra & Jay All in One Day!

Hello Sisters In Iron and Clean Eaters All!

I had such a fun day yesterday. We started with an early morning shoot for Extra on location in a beautiful Whole Foods. Sharon, the producer, is fun to work with. She knows what she wants and gets it done. I am feeling the Extra love! Nancy Jambazian did my beautiful makeup. She’s my go-to gal on the West Coast. We shot several fun segments for Extra’s show Lifechangers. I will keep you posted on air times. You can watch past clips here and here.

Then we raced over to NBC Studios in Burbank to hang with Jack LaLanne and his wife, Elaine, backstage at The Jay Leno Show. As I mentioned before, my husband, Bob, wrote the foreword to Jack’s new book, Live Young Forever. While there we met Al Michaels and Bob Costas and his wife Jill. Jay Leno came in and shook my hand and so did his musician, Kevin Eubanks. Nice people!

A buzz filled the corridor when the big man Vince Vaughn arrived – he was the featured guest of the night. He came in to shoot a few pics with us after the show. Yes that is me that he has his arm around. Did I mention how tall he is! What a thrill! He made an exciting announcement when he shared with us that he is engaged to a Canadian girl! This came in response to Jack’s question about whether Vince had any children. Vince said he would be working on it!

You can watch the hilarious clip with Jack, Jay and Vince here.

Today is another big day – Jack’s 95th gala birthday party is tonight! I get to walk the Red Carpet! More pictures and stories to come!

Have your own Red Carpet Day by treating yourself to some love!



  1. Fabulous shoot photos!!

    Have fun at the party tonight!! :)

  2. Vince Vaughn looks like he could learn some lesson from the Eat Clean Diet! He is looking larger and larger every day.

  3. Vince Vaughn is marrying a very nice Canadian girl... my girlfriend Kyla! She's a pretty funny gal too so they seem like a good match!

  4. Your green dress is so pretty on you! You look radiant!


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