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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adventures in LA

Hi Clean Eaters,

I write to you today from sunny LA. My husband and I arrived yesterday afternoon, got our rental car, and drove straight to the beach. We needed a few moments to detox from our travels and previous weeks events before embarking on our many adventures to come in La La Land.

Monday night's GoodLife seminar was a great success. Lots of people attended and all ticket sales went to a foundation for obese children. I wanted to motivate my listeners by asking them to ask themselves how badly they want to change & to encourage them to live in a world of possibilities rather than one wrought with frustrations! I heard a bunch of excellent and very heartwarming success stories. Thank you so much to every one who attended. Events like that really remind me why I do what I do every day.

P.S. I was selling the hardcover cookbook (Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook) at the event and everyone was smitten. I sold more of those books than any other. You can preorder yours here!

So onto LA... just in case you thought I was on vacation, I'm not:

I am filming a few segments today with Extra. I will let you know when they will air.

After that it is off to a filming of The Jay Leno Show. My husband worked with Jack LaLanne on his new book Live Young Forever and wrote the foreword. Jack will be featured tonight on The Jay Leno Show. Be sure to check it out! He was also on Good Day LA yesterday with his wife, Elaine. Check out the video here!

Much love and sunshine,


  1. Good gravy girl, you get around!

    Have fun and Be Well!

  2. We are counting the days until we get our new cookbook!!
    CAN'T WAIT!!!

  3. No fair! People got cookbooks already??? I want mine now too :-)

  4. Have fun! The cookbook arrived on my doorstep a whole day earlier from! It's absolutely gorgeous! cannot wait to try kale chips and other fancy stuff! Tosca, again, you rock! Please come visit us clean eaters in san francisco bay area soooooon!!!


  5. I would have driven the 5 hours to get my cookbook!!!

  6. From two of your clean-eaters in Vancouver, we've been using your original cookbook since I discovered your column in Oxygen. Will have to check out the new one soon. Also, thanks for the exercise for arms that you posted a few days back.

    One of our favorite recipes is the whitefish cooked in parchment paper. We've tried several variations and the fish is always moist, and cooked perfectly.

    Hope to one day see you in Vancouver. My husband and I are both early retirees, and we want to keep our health so we can enjoy it!


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