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Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 Until 50!!!

Well, it's a lovely long weekend here in Canada. The sun has been out here and there, but I do wish it was just a few degrees warmer here. I even had to cover my plants because they are warning of frost tonight. What's this about global warming? I think it has skipped Ontario. :-)

I've spent most of the weekend working on the house with my husband. We are throwing a birthday bash next Saturday and have lots to do to make sure the house is ship shape. We were lugging furniture for most of that day. Phewf! I'm happy to be putting my feet up for just a few minutes.

On Friday night we trekked to Belleville to throw my daughter Kelsey-Lynn a party for her 18th birthday. We were a little behind considering she turned 18 about a month ago. Oh well. Better late than never. We had a lot of fun dancing the night away on a boat cruise with a bunch of her friends.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a nice day of relaxing. Gotta' love the long weekend!!


  1. Watch out Tosca! I took the RealAge test and it says I'm getting younger. If you keep getting old you may catch up with me, lol!

    Find 50 Fabulous!

  2. hi tosca! i love getting your eat-clean newsletters, and look forward to the nutrition and workout tips in the oxygen newsletters as well. i know you are affiliated with oxygen, and it talks about clean eating all the time, but i find there are often advertisements for products that seem pretty questionable by eat-clean standards! in the most recent oxygen newsletter there was an ad for a shake that will allow me to "LOSE 20 LBS OF FAT THIS MONTH". what's your view on this? thanks!


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