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Saturday, May 16, 2009

6 Days and Counting... Q&A Day

6 days until my 50th birthday... oh my!!

Here are some very overdue answers to some questions that I selected from the comments section of the blog.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to check the Frequently Discussed Topics section as well as the forum, and the Q&A on the website before asking a Q on the comment page or emailing me.

Question: I have to ask, are you still answering questions via this blog? I posted a few a while ago, but have not noticed others posting as many as they use to. I am sorry if you are no longer answering Qs, but I had to ask. Thank you!

Answer: It’s just been awhile since I have answered questions. I am trying to get away from answering too many questions on the blog because I’d like it to be ¾ fun and ¼ informative as I mention in this post. Most of the answers can be found in previous posts or by visiting the forum, picking up an Oxygen or emailing me at Thanks!

Question: I have just a question from your book about your typical meal plan, is that really how you eat all the time, because the 2 week menu is so different from yours? What's your objective to eat so regimented?

Answer: The 2 week meal plan in the book is SIMPLY a GUIDELINE. I certainly don’t expect you to eat that exact same way all the time. It’s a way to get you started. I also wanted to show you how the recipes fit into daily life. I certainly don’t follow the same recipes every day, but I do eat clean every day. There is no question about that.

Question: I have followed the Body For Life diet in the past and had good results but the program allows a "Free Day" and I have found my self getting in the habit of binge eating once I go off track or thinking of every sat/sun as eat whatever I want day. I love your books and have all of them and really just want to focus on CLEAN EATING instead of calories but I get so caught up in the body for life mindset that if I add any extra ingredient and my meal is 300 cals instead of 200 cals I feel like I've ruined everything! Or if I add a few strawberries to a portion of already made protein and carb I feel like I messed up. Any advice for changing my thought process? I love creating healthy meals and feel like I can do that with your plan, just afraid of eating more than I should in order to lose weight.

Answer: It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with information. It’s even easier to get stuck in a rut, which it sounds like you might be in. Eating Clean does not equal weight gain especially if you are following proper portion sizes as outlined in the book. Take it slow. How about this… eat clean and track your calories every day for a week. The next week only track your calories for 5 days, then only 3 days the next week and then only 1 day until you are down to no calorie counting. This might help you break the habit and may also be enough time to show you that Eating Clean won’t leave you with extra weight around your middle.

Question: I am so tired of feeling bloated so often. I have always eaten well and for the last two plus years eaten clean. Can you recommend anything. Probiotics, whatever? I have tried some before and I am not sure if they worked or not. I have not been tested for allergies to milk or gluten, or any grains but i do feel i am sensitive to those and try not to eat them to often or in large quantities. I do usually eat spelt bread and i do eat a fair share of oats. i have reduced my fruit but still think i get my quota. If I can get personal, I do have bowel movements 2 to 3 times per day. Always on the softer side, but sometimes very stringy. I think my colon has a difficult time processing things ( just an intuitive feeling i get, but i am so in tune with my body). Help!! i know you have stated you have a sensitive stomach too. I eat so clean and sometimes I get so bloated that I look pregnant!! thank you Tosca i know I am not alone on this.

Answer: It does sound like you may have some food sensitivities. I believe this is an issue you may want to discuss with a physician who can give you individual attention and rule out any allergy/health concerns.

Question: Off subject, where do you buy most of your workout clothes? They are so great fitting and nice quality.

Answer: Okay. This isn’t a “nutrition” related question, but I am such a fan of Lululemon that I am willing to break the rules. I get a lot of workout clothes from them because I love how long they last (seriously, I’ve had Lululemon pants that look as good as new from 5 years ago). I also like Nike. P.S. I am not endorsed by either of these companies.

Question: Where can one get coconut water in Canada? Do you special order it?

Answer: I usually find mine in the grocery store in the organic foods section. Ask your grocer if they can get it in for you. You may also find it at a health-food store.

Question: I'm starting to think I need to move to Canada to see the reality TV show...will there be any way for your fans in the USofA to watch the episodes...I'd love it!

Answer: I really don’t know! I wish it was being aired in the US. I’ll keep you posted if something changes.

Question: Are the new Vitamin Water 10 (Sweetened with Truvia from Stevia) and Sobe Life Water 0 Cal (also claims to be from a natural sweetener) considered clean? Is Truvia brand sweetener clean?

Answer: Good question. Truvia is a sweetener using part of the Stevia plant. I haven’t learned enough about it yet to tell you whether or not I would recommend it. Stevia is a good option, however, the taste can be something to get used to. As usual, I'll remind you to limit your sweetener intake even if it is natural simply because it keeps you fixed to sweet things. Have these in moderation.

Question: Tosca can you recommend enzymes that do not need to be take with each meal. I am tired of being bloated. Please help me. Thank you.

Answer: As I mentioned above, this may be an issue to take up with your physician because it could indicate an allergy or other health concern.

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