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Monday, May 18, 2009

4 Days and Counting...

Wow wow wow... the day is drawing nearer. I'm really excited to enter this new age bracket and dash any stereotypes that 50 year old women are middle-aged! This is the prime of our lives and I can't believe it's almost here.

I'm interested in hearing what number you're afraid of reaching and why?

Let's tackle these age assumptions with our weights, clean eating, cardio and great attitudes.

We are fit and fabulous!



  1. I think I am afraid of reaching my weight goal.. last time I got close I just shut down and gained back 70lbs (after losing 97). I don't know what it is.. maybe that I will have to learn to maintain instead of lose? or because the compliments give me too much attention?? So there it is, what I am afraid of and why.. u asked..silly thing to be afraid of!

  2. I am really not afraid of any age. Although I can say, I am turning 30 this year and can admit that even though I overindulge in some things, I somehow refocus and make it back to healthy eating, great workouts, lots of water and enough sleep. I think for me, this is my saving grace and I look better than most 30 year olds. I am 25lbs. away from my goal weight and wanted to get there by 30, but I can't beat myself up about it. I am going to embrace this new age with optimism and get on track. I can say that in 10 years I have lost and kept off 80lbs, continue to make strength gains and escape most illnesses due to all the great changes I have made-I am in better shape than I was as a teenager! So, here I come 30...and look forward to 40, 50 and so on!

  3. I'm 32 years young and because of my Eat Clean and stay active lifestyle people never guess me to be over 25! I'm not afraid of reaching any age - my only hope is that by maintaining good health that I will always enjoy a high quality life well into my eighties, nighties and beyond!

  4. 60 scares me. I'm 47 now. 60 just seems so _ _ _! I think the 50's are going to be fabulous but who ever looks at a woman in her
    60's and things she's hot?

  5. Tosca, I think that fearing age is just a way of admitting you have not reached your goals when you wished or thought you would. I am nearing 40, if I keep up my current lifestyle, continue to increase my fitness, and work a little harder on the career I will be proud to turn 40, it should be easier than 30! We will see. No specific age scares me, only physical conditions that would slow me down or shut me in.

  6. I am afraid at age 46 that my skin is not going to bounce back as the muscles tone up and the weight comes off. I've lost 30 pounds and still have the sagging upper arms and belly. Ugh! All that work!!!

  7. I feel the same way Anonymous. I am 47. The weight came off-no problem. Love being a gym rat-no problem. That darned skin... Oh well. Hellllp Tosca!!! ;o)

  8. I will be turning 53 in July. I started a new career last fall. Called a friend who is a general manager at a hotel asking about a housekeeping job and ended up as housekeeping manager. Just 2 weeks ago I got the job as front desk manager. I am married have 3 kids, 5 grandkids and 1 on the way. Are you kidding me? The fifties are GREAT!

  9. Tosca, I am 32 and i used to be afraid of turning thirty. Now I look forward to my 40th birthday because i have so many things I want to do in my thirties, and hopefully, if I continue on the path that I am on, i will be fab @ 40! I figure in eight years, if I hurry I will be where I want to be in life.

  10. Seriously, my thirties have been the best. I am 85 pounds lighter, in a healthy relationship with so many things - food, my husband, my girlfriends, my daughters, my mom and dad and family. I am comfortable in my skin, and am ready with arms wide open to greet the next decade.

    I was afraid of my thirties,as I was in a bad marriage, carting around a ton of weight, a new mom, and financially strapped.

    Just think what I would have missed out on if I would have lived in fear?

    Now, this being said - you are one HAWT 50 year old- and I hope that I look as good as you through my 40's let alone my 50's!

    Good on ya Tosca!

  11. "Anonymous" I really had to LOL at your comment about hitting (60) because JUST LIKE Tosca, in a few short days - I'm turning the BIG 60 and I absolutely CAN'T WAIT! ! ! ! Ha, I finally said it and admitted it - liberating! The reason I'm SO EXCITED is because I've 'survived' 60 years on this planet and in fairly good condition. AND, now that I have Tosca's books and DVD, I'm ready to rock n' roll and get better and better! Admittedly, tons of men DON'T look at me but actually there's only one that matters to me and he whistles at me all the time!

    Tosca, I might start shaking in my boots a little at 100 but by that time my calves and thighs will be so strong, I'll be out walking mountain ranges! THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING US ALL. Oh, and BTW, you're going to LOVE YOUR 50's!

  12. I was afraid of turning 30, now I am 45 and I look forward to every year!
    I am glad I got the fearsome age out of the way,and now i can LIVE! I want to be fit so that I can keep enjoying everything that is still to come. There is so much to do!
    I love your books, and your wisdom. 50 is fabulous and so are you!

  13. I turned 40 in January. I've lost over 100 pounds since i was 34. I now teach fitness classes and train others! NO ONE thinks i'm 40! most say 24-28! I'll take it! eating clean and training hard are making me younger, not older! am i where i totally want to be yet? nope. but from a 22 to a 8/10 is pretty good! gotta tone and tighten up a bit more. age? the only age i'll be afraid of is the one i dont reach...even at the "end" i'll be glad for my life. what's there to be afraid of anyway? if we take care of ourselves, are kind to others and do our best, God knows that even with struggles it'll be alright. not always perfect, but alright. thanks Tosca, for being a HUGE part of the "alright"!
    xoxoxo heidi

  14. Tosca - I just turned 57 in March and am still waiting for that tragic day to come that freaks me out because I have become the number that happens to be my age. At this point I really don't care about it. It is what it is. I have a very strong faith in Christ...write for an awesome website...and am currently unemployed...for six months and counting...and the only one of those things I let define me is my faith...and I think that may be my great you know! Have an awesome day!
    oh...BTW...have also been eating clean (as tight to the program as I've ever been) and have had amazing results! You are a very smart lady!
    Go far in your journey today!

  15. Hi Tosca - I think you will love being 50! I will be 52 this fall, and I probably look better now than when I was 42. I'm not afraid now of any age # - I just want to live every day to the max!

  16. I agree with the masses :)

    I do remember being afraid of ages as a younger woman.

    Maybe by the time we hit our 50s or at least mid-50s, we think we've already faced enough demons that we have some experience under our belts that we don't have a need to fear.

    I know with clean eating and an active lifestyle, I certainly FEEL better than I ever have.

  17. 32 here and afraid of reaching 35, 40 and not reaching my weight goals. Weight loss has been a big struggle for me.

  18. I'm afraid of 18. Haha i know that sounds so ridiculous but i'm scared of the responsibilities that are going to come with college and the life ahead of me. I actually look forward to getting older (as in 50's and 60's) because my mother (who just turned 57 today!) is such an inspiration to me and my grandma who is 80 is exactly what i hope to be when i get that age. She teaches yoga at the YMCA and eats healthy and keeps up for her age. I think that it is so admirable and i hope i can follow her footsteps as i age.

    To tami.. I know exactly how you feel. The second i get remotely close to reaching my goal weight, something goes off in my mind and i shut down. I think its the fear of getting where you want to be and having the pressure to stay there. Its something i personally need to work on, because i was 5 pounds from my goal weight two months ago and now im 15 pounds away. Just hang in there, we can do it! =]

  19. I was so scared of turning 30!!! I cried the entire week before lol Somehow I woke up on my birthday happy. Nothing had changed and I realized that I loved where I was in life and how I looked. I was proud of who I was and I couldn't have said that in my early 20s. It's true, age is nothing but a number.

  20. I am dreading 30. Which comes tomorrow. I am about 85 pounds overweight, I live in my sister and brother in laws spare bedroom, I am doing a job that is below what I want to do, I have no sign of a relationship, although all I've ever wanted to be was a wife and mother. I agree with Anonymous that said that it's not the AGE that I am afraid of - it's the fact that I am nowhere near where I want to be. And there is no going back. I desperately want someone to dote on me on my birthday. Someone to spoil me. I'm turning thirty and what am I doing? Working all day, then taking a 5 hour car ride to be with family for my sister's college graduation. That is not bad, but I don't want to share this birthday. I want it to be all about me. I'm turning 30!!!!! I don't want to share it with a graduate, or a sister who has a birthday today (day before mine), or a sister who has a birthday in a week. Am I a terrible person for wanting something extravagant? I hope not. I just know it's going to be an ordinary day. And I will be disappointed because I have always thought 30 was a milestone to be celebrated. And I fear I have nothing to celebrate about me.


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