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Friday, April 3, 2009



I'm on QVC today sometime between 5pm and 6pm EST. I will post the link after it has aired.

Today is the last part of a 3 part Q & A series. The topic today is miscellaneous... just a bunch of random stuff.

I'll remind you to please check out the Frequently Discussed Topics section on the right-hand side of the blog before asking a question. I'm getting busier and busier with each passing day and I don't want your questions to go unanswered. Doing this would really help me out! Thanks!


Question: How do I get one of those green Eat Clean Diet bags????

Answer: They were especially for the Arnold, but we may be offering them in the future.

Question: Because woman trust you and feel comfortable asking you questions about how they too can feel better about themselves can i be so bold to ask you what your routine is in regards to any treatments you have done on your face and what products you use at home. Thank you Tosca.

Answer: I have done a Pan G Non-Surgical facelift which involved myofacials, laser treatments and peels. This was almost 10 years ago. Since then I have maintained with a number of products at home including Obagi, Clarisonic brushes, etc.

Question: May i ask if you ever had any skin tightening procedures or such around the abs.

Answer: None whatsoever! It's all about exercise & eating clean for me.

Question: When is your show going to air?

Answer: The date has been changed ONCE AGAIN to June 9th. It will be on the VIVA network in Canada.

Question: I was wondering how you can find out what percentage of body fat you have if you don't have a body fat scale? And what percentage is considered healthy?

Answer: Use calipers. They are the best bet and often more accurate than a scale when used correctly. Healthy body fat for women is between 21% and 25%.

Question: I have CFS and am absolutely exhausted all the time. i'm trying to get in the routine of eating clean but as much as i want to i have a really hard time making it to the gym. Do you know of any supplements or anything that can help ease my fatigue so that i can have a truly healthy (and sexy!) body? also, is there a cooler that you recommend? its hard to find a good one that is big enough for everything for the day but not on wheels. haha :)

Answer: I would definitely add cholorphyll and/or wheat grass to your regimen. Check with your doc if this is okay, too. As for a cooler, I don't even remember where I found mine. An internet search should help you out.


  1. Tosca, in regards to you most recent answers, thank you for always being so candid. That is what makes you shine even more. You are quite a lady. XO

  2. Hi Tosca, I am wondering about some cooking methods on clean eating. I usually steam or roast veggies,I use balsamic and olive oil dressing for flavour, it helps satisfy my hunger. For fish, scrambled egg whites or chicken I use PAM canola spray on bottom of pan, is that okay? Also,I eat a lot stews and soups (home made with greens & veggies)witch is easier this way for me to eat 5 cups of veggies a day. What do you think, cooked vs raw?

  3. Thanks again Tosca, you truly are amazing. How many grams of protein should I be eating per day? I am 28and 5'8. I think I am lacking in protein because I am always hungry during the day. I try to eat several vegetarian meals (and less meat), and don't think they're curbing my hunger. Thanks!

  4. I was so hoping you hadn't had facial work done. I just read up on the PanG and it sounds like alot to go through, can be painful and costs alot. :( I was hoping clean eating had kept your facial skin like that as it has the rest of your body.

    It's a little depressing for us almost 50 yr olds.

  5. Well, it was almost 10 years ago and eating clean has been the maintenance since then. Don't doubt that.

  6. Really? Well that makes it more hopeful for the rest of us then...right? I'm nearing 50 and stressing so much about not looking youthful anymore. Who ever looks at an old woman and thinks shes hot, right? :) Thanks Tosca.... thanks!

  7. Coolers - I got mine from the outdoors section at Walmart. I was having a hard time fitting everything in it, till I realized that veggies don't have to go in their own separate containers. I layered my servings one on top of the other and ate each layer till I was at the bottom. It's the only a medium-sized container. Everything else was put in either small thin containers or ziploc bags. Thankfully, our company has filtered water, so I don't have to cart that around.


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