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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally Home

It has been a LOOOOOONNGGG journey to and from PA for the QVC appearance!!

I didn't think I was going to make it yesterday and then I didn't make it home last night. Finally, after much waiting, I touched down in T.O. this morning. Phewf!! I'm so happy to be home.

The QVC appearance went very well yesterday. I hope some of you were able to catch it. If not here is the link for your enjoyment.

On Thursday (before my mad dash to PA) we celebrated Chelsea's Sweet 16. I've decided I can't eat French food... a little too rich for my liking. Here are some pics from that night:

And here are some photos from earlier this week when I met Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge winner, Melanie Nevins (and her husband Travis). We had a lovely Clean Eating dinner with them after the photo shoot at Grano, an intimate Italian restaurant. Lookin' great, Mel!!


  1. Welcome home!! So glad that the QVC segment went well (I knew it would!!), and that all is well with you!! :-)

  2. Tosca you look great as always.. You are my inspiration.. Question regarding on increasing weight. I do three sets of each exercise for each body part Im training. I can do the first 12 reps of the weight Im using the second set the same and the third set I might have to go to 8 reps, again with the same amount of weight. Should I be increasing the weight for the first two sets .. Or do I have to wait until i can complete the three sets of 12 before I can go heavier? How do you increase weights to ensure you are getting the most out of your training sessions? thanks so much!

  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing so much.

  4. Hi Tosca,
    Nice seeing you on QVC. I have to say it's so funny that people get so excited to see chocolate or dessert on a diet plan? The ones who want to lose weight and stay slim,cannot permit themselves to eat those clean desserts everyday right? I think it's the mindset we have to address, we keep getting mixed messages ie. Don't eat Sugar and then you see Chocolate Tofu mousse or Berry crumble, the crackers's not the real deal. I know it helps sell your books and gets people to read it and might get inspired but the visual aspect is so appealing but really not part of the Clean Eating principles. It's a bit misleading especially because you don't eat that way and that's why you look Marvelous and that's why I do what you do and not what I "want to hear" on these TV info-mercials...

  5. Hello Tosca,
    I always thought to have a lean body you would need to work out like crazy, it's so wonderful that you shed some light on this and show us that eating quality whole food is the essence and reality of a lean and healthy body weight! I also agree with the comment that we are "hooked" on the idea or we want to hear that we need desserts or sweets in our diet or lifestyle. They should be eaten sparingly...or none at all, it's hard not to over eat the white stuff including chips,ice cream, fries etc. What do you think?

  6. Melanie - l@@k at you! Talk of inspiration! Congrats!

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