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Monday, April 6, 2009

My Vision (with help from you)

Just in case you didn't catch this before, here is the QVC link:

Hello Sisters in Iron (and any brothers, too):

Things have been very busy lately and I see by your consistent visits to my blog that you are still my Sisters in Iron. How glad I am of that. I love your stories, comments and posts. Every day I get to read them and it feels like I am being given presents from you. Thank you so much.

This blog is loads of fun for me and I want to keep it that way. My vision for the blog is for it to be a place for me to share my life with you from the happy moments to the crusty bits. I realize many of you have questions and I am happy to field them. I love the fashion questions – Where did I get my leopard scarf? Where did I get my printed skirt that I was wearing in Aruba? I love all questions. Let’s try to keep the questions on this blog about nutrition and lifestyle as much as we can. There are so many other places to learn about training – and so on. It’s not that I don’t like to answer those questions it is just that I like to share a bit more of “ME” in the blog. I want to get to know you and you to know me. Is that a deal?

If you are still keen on having questions answered check out the blog archive to the right of the screen or else visit the forum on where loads of this stuff is posted.

Hugs and more!


  1. We love you too Tosca!

  2. Dear Tosca,
    I just wanted to say that you are really amazing, im 22 and just recently started eating clean,and now i know that no matter how many kids ill have later and how many pounds ill gain and then lose, my lifestyle will always stay the same, from now on it is going to be Clean.
    I love reading your blog!

  3. Well, I lurk no more. I love that you are keeping your blog about you - for herein lies the secret. You are more that Clean Eating - and I love that you are revealing your blog to be more about YOU.

    Thank you for the insight into your life.

    You are truly a Canadian icon!

  4. Hi Tosca,
    That's wonderful, we would love to know about your daily nutrition meal plan too, it's so easy to just get ideas from you, so I feel connected to the "EAT Clean Queen"!
    Thank you!

  5. I'm so glad you are taking this direction Tosca. The questions must be overwhelming at times, but many that are asked...the answers can be found in previous blog posts or in Oxygen and a variety of sites. Each of us are different as individuals and I'm sure it's sometimes hard to answer the questions when you don't know genetics, diet, lifestyle, etc. Good call on your part..... so does this mean you are going to tell us where you got the skirt? LOL


  6. I'm with you here. It's definitely good to read other bloggers' comments but having said that I do prefer when the comments are actually on the issue (on eating clean I mean).
    Day 3 - cooler 1 by the way... cleaned pretty much everything so-soish out of the house. My sys is visiting me and I hope she finds something to eat while I'm at work - there's only salmon, chicken, eggs and veg in the fridge... :D.

  7. I'm so glad that you clarified that ; thats why I'm here everyday reading :)

    You've helped me re-shape my whole life, Ive lost almost 50 lbs and feel fabulous...I tried some wheat grass by the way and I love it!! Its so refreshing in the morning before love love it :) Thanks for making us part of your life xox


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