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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Powell's Featured Book... Where Have You Seen It?

Some of you may know that my eldest daughter lives in Portland, OR home of America's largest independent bookstore, Powell's. This place is so big they even have guides throughout the store to help you get around. My daughter was there the other day and saw that one of my books, The Eat-Clean Diet, was featured! Woohoo! Thanks Powell's - Pics are a little fuzzy because they were taken with an iPhone

So where have you seen the book/books? In the library, the garbage (lol), a suitcase, on the beach, on the plane, grocery store, Barnes and Noble? Send in your pics to and I'll post them on the blog this week.

p.s. We are getting another 5 inches of snow today!!! This is what my roof looks like!! IT'S APRIL!!!!


  1. FABULOUS!!! :-)

    Sooo much snow here too - it's insane!! I want spring already!!

  2. Congratulations Tosca, this is exciting!

  3. No Clean Eating books in mine from Amazon, but I gave one away to a friend, bought another one for myself..spreading the good EC news!

  4. I have just a question from your book about your typical meal plan, is that really how you eat all the time, because the 2 week menu is so different from yours? What's your objective to eat so regimented?

  5. Nutrition Question???
    I have followed the Body For Life diet in the past and had good results but the program allows a "Free Day" and I have found my self getting in the habit of binge eating once I go off track or thinking of every sat/sun as eat whatever I want day. I love your books and have all of them and really just want to focus on CLEAN EATING instead of calories but I get so caught up in the body for life mindset that if I add any extra ingredient and my meal is 300 cals instead of 200 cals I feel like I've ruined everything! Or if I add a few strawberries to a portion of already made protein and carb I feel like I messed up. Any advice for changing my thought process? I love creating healthy meals and feel like I can do that with your plan, just afraid of eating more than I should in order to lose weight.

  6. Hi Tosca,

    I have all of your books on my bookshelf! I often refer to them and have my clients (I'm a weight loss coach) pick them up at our local B&N. Last week, I saw your book at Explore Bookstore in Aspen, but I didn't think to take a pic.

    Congrats on Your Huge Success!!

  7. Dear Tosca,
    I was wondering how you came up with the name for the Diet, why Eat-Clean? was it hard to think of a name?
    Thank you so much!

  8. Hey Tosca,
    Your books have been on a table front and center at my local Barnes and Noble! I tell everyone I can to grab them up...they are all great! :)
    Thanks for everything!

  9. Hi Tosa,
    Have you ever thought of doing a PODCAST? It would be a perfect communication tool to help spread your wonderful news and all new updated information.
    I have re-listened to your interview with Patti Black Chere on Feb 9/09. You are very fresh and positive.
    I would love listen to you explain your program and answer question.
    Your blog is amazing! I hope you could start a podcast, hey you and your husband could be on chatting about the topic of the week!
    Thanks for listening!
    Marianne :)

  10. This was a great surprise when we saw it! Powell's was great - I could have been lost in there for hours!


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