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Saturday, January 24, 2009

QVC Link

Here's the link for QVC. Thank you to the kind blogger who put it in the comments section:


You are all amazing. The support I receive from you all is just out of this world. Thank you so much. You give me the motivation to keep going when I'm having a bad day and the power to keep inspiring women (and men).

Yesterday was a great experience. I was up super early to get my makeup done. The lady was fantastic and made me look like a million bucks. The food stylist was incredible, too. Yummy!

As for the show, I have to say I was a little confused at first. I thought I was going to be on for the full hour, which is why I told you all to tune in at 9am. Turns out I was part of an hour-long segment, which included me for 5 minutes or so. Well, I hope I made the most of those 5 minutes. That's how they decide if they will take you back or not.

Thank you for all of your kind words of support and positive feedback from yesterday. I hope I get to do it again soon.



  1. You rocked QVC! I finally was able to view your 5 minutes of motivation! All the fellow clean eaters can go to your product on QVC and write a review. (I already did) The more positive reviews you get should help power you on to a repeat performance, as well as inspire others to eat clean! Love the blogs - they keep me inspired when I'm not quite there myself...Thanks so much!

    I sent you a couple of emails on how I'm inspiring clean eating at my job - you'll love the response I'm getting! Thanks and love ya!

  2. YES! Great clip thanks for posting it!

    I will write a review on the site too!


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