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Thursday, January 22, 2009

QVC Time!!!

Hey Everybody,

Tomorrow (Friday) is the BIG day!!! QVC time has arrived.

I will be on air at 9am standard time. If you can't watch on TV you can watch live at

I am so excited to be doing the same thing that Ellen de Generes did just last Saturday, Joan Rivers the Grand Dame of them all, Cindy Crawford, Bobbi Brown, and a host of well-known names. Time to bring Eating Clean to the masses.

I am working out clothing details now – fitness or dressy casual? Show the arms? Don’t show the arms? It is a tough call. I need a stylist!!

Okay enough moaning. I gotta get some rest.

Love and hugs,

p.s. Feel free to call in tomorrow offering your input on the books... I would love that!!!


  1. Good Luck tomorrow Tosca. I will try to catch you online. Go get'em!!

  2. You're gonna do great Tosca!! I can't wait to see the show. I say show the arms... you look great! =)


  3. SHOW THE ARMS!!! People will be flipping through the channels and you will STAND OUT. Your fit body will catch their eye and want to watch. SHOW people what clean eating can do for their body :)

    Have fun! I will be watching!!!

  4. SO EXCITING!!! I have it set to record on my television already :-)

  5. 권투선수 에이미 [Amy]January 23, 2009 at 9:44 AM

    Hi Tosca,
    I tuned in here in Korea into your show on the web and you were great. Way to go with the blue shirt... you looked beautiful! I'm going to have to get my mom to buy your book (two of them... she'll probably keep it if she only buys one) and send it out to me here in Korea. I'm totally interested in those breakfast cookies!!!

  6. Tosca!!!!!!! today is the 23rd and just watched you on QVC. You were awesome! YOU ROCK...but did not show your beautiful arms???... I think I need to make those muffins for quick breaky ....hhahahaaa...
    hugs from
    szilvi g, ct

  7. Just watched you on looked beautiful! Great job on promoting the healthy way of eating. I was so disappointed that they didn't open the phone lines for us clean eaters! I have made many recipes out of the cookbook & continue to surprise my family with how good it taste! Keep motivating us!

  8. Hi. I don't even know what QVC is but would like to watch the broadcast. Is there a link where I can watch it. The one on your blog just brings me to a page to purchase products, I don't see anything there to click on to view the broadcast. I'm very new to clean eating and would like to read and see all information available. Thanks.

  9. AHHH! I missed you on QVC!!! I was so excited to see it but I had a meeting scheduled at the last minute! Based on other comments sounds like you were usual!
    Keep on keeping on!

  10. When you go to QVC, you do need to do a little searching on their website. I found the video:

    Hope this link works for everyone. Tosca you looked radiant! Way to go!

  11. Thank you to the person who put up the link. I missed the show. Tosca, you looked awesome and did a wonderful job. What an inspiration!

  12. I missed seeing you on QVC... I am so bummed! I didn't realize it was on Eastern time. I even told a ton of people to tune it... oops! Well, I am sure you did great! Can't wait to hear details about your experience. =)

  13. Tosca, you were great today on QVC! You looked beautiful and the food looked delish!

  14. I too missed it but I can say I was at the gym then so it's ok! I was able to watch it and I have to say that you made a very wise choice with the blue shirt. Very nice and well done!

  15. Tosca,
    Great book intro to "the masses" on QVC. It is my opinion that every household in America should own one.


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