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Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've Made it to Wednesday

Good Wednesday Afternoon Everybody.

I have been at the office today working away with my Eat-Clean team. The camera crews are here with me, too.

By the way, please keep the comments coming everyone. I love reading your experiences and answering your questions. Just remember if you would like a more personal response don't hesitate to email me at

So here are my eating and training logs for Wednesday. Read on for answers to questions peppered with today's info:

Training AM:
Early morning cardio session on treadmill for 30 minutes doing HIITS on
empty stomach.
Answer: HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training. I will get on the treadmill and rotate between high intensity intervals and low intensity intervals. I can make it high intensity by increasing the elevation or increasing the speed. You can make the intervals however long or short as you would like as long as it's challenging.
Answer: I tend to work out on an empty stomach in the morning during competition prep because of the amount of time I need to spend working out in a day. This is usually the only time I can squeeze it in. Since my breakfasts are so large I can't workout right after breakfast. I would need to wait an hour. I just don't have time for that most mornings so I workout on an empty stomach. Of course, you are right that eating breakfast gets your metabolism up and running. That is why it is called Break Fast... you are breaking the fast you have had all night. Do what feels right for you. Do something you can stick with. This is the most important thing.

Before Breakfast:
250 ml water with juice of 1 lemon
250 ml water with 8 ounces wheat grass and 5 fish oil supplements

1/4 cup wheat germ + 1/4 cup oats cooked in one cup water with 2 T flaxseed, bee pollen and Salba on top
5 scrambled egg whites + one yolk cooked with cocoa butter and seasoned with herbs
Black coffee
Answer: I eat one yolk with my egg whites because the yolk is good fat and is important for digesting the protein in the eggs. Since I eat 5 egg whites, 5 egg yolks would be too much, so I throw in one or 2 egg yolks. Sometimes I will throw in some nut butter because they are predominantly healthy fats and not a huge amount of protein. Since I am competition training I need to get as much protein as possible and that is why I combine nut butters and egg whites.

Mid Morning:
1 banana
4 scrambled egg whites
250 ml water with MSM and CAL/MAG supplement

Poached salmon on ½ cup alfalfa sprouts with chopped tomato, broccoli and dressed with 1 T pumpkin oil, 1 T cider vinegar
Chamomile tea

Mid Afternoon:
Grilled chicken
½ cup brown rice

Poached salmon
Steamed asparagus
Brown rice

Before Bed:
Scrambled egg whites
¼ cup wheat germ cereal cooked in water

Training PM:
Shoulders – 5 sets lateral raise, 4 sets presses heavy
Calves – 5 sets standing calf raise, heavy and as many reps as possible, 3 sets seated calf; loads of calf stretches
Shrugs – 4 sets
Abdominal isolation exercises
Posing practice – 10 minutes


  1. I love reading about your comp prep!


  2. I love all the Q&A-type segments you've been including in your posts - very informative!! Thank you, Tosca!! As always!! :0)

  3. Tosca. This is just great. I love reading your eating and training routines. I have always wondered just how hard one had to train to get in shape. I am wondering how many hours in the average day/week you would spend training for your competition.
    Do you work out a couple of times a day seperating your cardio from your weight training?


  4. Hello Tosca,
    Luv your training postings. How many reps are you doing per set?

    What does wheat grass do and do you have it during your off season?

    Can you explain the pre-exhaust system a litte?

    Is there a rule of thumb in traing with regards to working certain muscle groups together or does one just mix it up?

    Luv ya
    (I meant to put this on the Oct 23 post but accidentally put it on the Oct 22 post)

  5. Hi all,
    This might sound like a funny question, but does anyone have a good trick for peeling eggs?
    I usually boil a big batch of eggs at a time, and keep them in my fridge so I can easily have hardboiled eggwhites with my oatmeal in the morning. But when I go to peel them, it takes forever - and most of the eggwhite ends up getting thrown out with the peel! Does anyone have an idea for how to make eggs easier to peel?


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