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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well the weather has improved slightly since yesterday.... slightly. It's currently 6 degrees Celsius rather than snow-inducing degrees Celsius. However, I highly disapprove of snow this early. Here's where I get jealous of my daughter in Portland who is experiencing 19 degrees Celsius and sunshine. And here I was thinking it rained there all the time... sigh.

Okay enough whining about the weather.

I received a great bunch of questions from bloggers today. Read on for answers on fat burners, plateauing, and, of course, Tuesday's eating and training sched. I am plugging away as this competition draws closer and closer.

Questions Answered:

My Breakfast Order at Angel's: When I am not in competition training mode I order an egg-white omelet with tomatoes and spinach, dry whole-wheat toast, oatmeal, and coffee. When in competition training mode I order everything mentioned above except for the whole-wheat toast.

About Fat Burners: Personally, I have never used a fat burner. I would rather go about things in a natural way. You can get results eating clean and exercising without compromising your health. Some fat burners claim to carry natural ingredients, but it doesn't mean they won't have detrimental effects. Of course, it's a matter of personal choice. I don't like them and don't use them. Others may find them very effective. If it is making you feel bad then you may want to consider listening to your body and discontinuing use.

The Last Few Pounds: Your body is smart. It knows when it is at a healthy weight because you will start losing pounds much more slowly. If you are not happy at the weight your body starts to plateau at then losing the last few pounds can take true dedication. I often recommend Cooler #1 (from The Eat-Clean Diet) for no longer than 2 weeks (it's not good to maintain it for longer because it is not representative of nutrition for life). Once you find yourself plateauing and are happy with your size continue eating in a manner similar to Cooler #2. This is Eating-Clean for life. The menu plans in The Eat-Clean Diet and the recipes in all of the books follow these guidelines. I eat like Cooler #2 year round and really don't gain or lose much. Of course, right now I am in competition training, so my nutrition is much different as reflected in the menus listed here on this blog.

Eating and Training:

AM Training:
Early Morning Cardio session on treadmill for 30 minutes on empty stomach

Before Breakfast:
250 ml warm water with juice of one fresh lemon
250 ml water with 8 ounces wheat grass

1/4 cup wheat germ with 1/4 cup oats cooked on one cup water with 2
tablespoons each Salba and flaxseed on top
5 scrambled egg whites + 1 yolk
Black coffee
5 fish oil supplements

Mid Morning:
Spirulina shake made with water, hemp protein, 2 T natural walnut butter,
flaxseed (this did not taste too good)

1 grilled chicken breast over 2 cups salad greens, dressed with pumpkin oil,
pumpkin seeds, chopped tomato and cucumber

Mid Afternoon:
I drank the rest of the yukky spirulina shake
Handful nuts

Brown rice with 1 cup steamed broccoli and 1 6 ounce grilled chicken breast

Before Bed:
5 egg whites + one yolk
2 T natural peanut butter
250 ml water with MSM and Cal/Mag supplement

Training: REST DAY!!! (Trust me... I LOVE them just as much as the next guy no matter how much I love the weights! Every BODY needs a break.)


  1. Thank you Tosca for your insights into fat burners. I am undergoing treatment for an adrenal glad disorder due to using caffeine and ephedrine as fat burners for a fitness competition I did in April 2008. Although the competition was an experience I will cherish for the lessons I learned by doing it, I would do it your way next time- 'au naturel'.

  2. I think it was also very important to emphasis to us all how important it is to do this the natural way. Physically and mentally it makes sense to put things into your body that are healthy, not some manufactured gimick. RIGHT now I am off my soap-box - thanks for posting your workouts, I love reading them, dont like reading about your diet though - it makes me want to cook you some of those delicious cookies from your book!
    well done, keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Tosca and all
    I have to tell you that it snowed here in New South Wales - that is in AUSTRALIA yesterday - and I think today - it was bitter - and we are in spring heading for summer - so i guess you dont have the monopoly on the cold snap in Canada! - a big shock to the system! On Sunday I was in shorts- and sweating!
    Heard you are going to PHAT Camp this W/end I did Jens Sydney camp in March - it was a blast Please pass on my regards - oh to be there with YOU & Jen how awesome would that be - Why not come to OZ with her in 2009 - would luv to meet you!
    Thanks for all the blogs, books and support - luv your work!
    Julie G

  4. Hi Tosca ... I read an earlier post where you did HIIT? What is this?

    And - I always thought eating within 15 minutes after getting up (even before working out) was ideal since it gets the metabolism off and running.

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Tosca! Im a big fan of yours! I love reading your articals in oxygen mag every month! Ive been folowing your cleaneating diet since september 2007 and have lost 60lbs, not only did i loose the weight, im not on depression medication anymore after taking them for 8 years,ive replaced them by going to the gym 4 days a week and of course cleaneating.Ive never felt so good about myself,compared to where i was 2 years ago! Thanks so much,your a real inspiration to me!

  6. Hi Tosca. Luv, luv, luv your books and blog ... have been following for a few months now and already noticing changes ... I had been eating healthy and exercising, but wanted to take it to the next level ... and you are taking me there (in my late 40s) ... thank you so much ... you are awesome!

    Curious ... I see that you eat nut butters w/ your egg whites ... can you pls exlain the combo? Also why you occasionally include 1 yolk with your whites?


  7. Cecilia, SaskatchewanOctober 23, 2008 at 3:02 PM

    Hi Tosca,
    Thanks for answering my question about plateauing! And for reminding me to look up your cooler options and menusuggestions again. After a few weeks of eating clean, I've probably gotten "stuck" in some meal habits, and it would probably do me good to re-visit those pages in your book!
    Thanks again!

  8. Hello Tosca,
    Luv your training postings. How many reps are you doing per set?

    What does wheat grass do and do you have it during your off season?

    Can you explain the pre-exhaust system a litte?

    Is there a rule of thumb in traing with regards to working certain muscle groups together or does one just mix it up?

    Luv ya.

  9. Do you consider CLA a fat burner? I've seen it mentioned in your book and on the clean eating discussion board. Thanks!


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