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Monday, September 8, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Hey! Are you there?

I hope you haven't given up on me. I have been here in Portland with Rachel and her friend Robyn setting up her apartment. Her little place is so gorgeous. The view is of Mount Hood and if you look down you can see river. She does not have to walk far to get to school. We have been spending loads of time shopping to get her apartment looking like home. Ikea gets our vote for best prices but the putting together part is worse than doing plate loaded leg presses with 500 pounds! At least the leg presses come to an end. Just when you think you have got a piece of furniture together you find another thing to screw into place.

I take no credit for the furniture assembly however. Instead I did something even crazier. After spending most of the day Saturday purchasing goods for Rachel I caught a RedEye flight back to Toronto where I met up with Robert to attend the Canadian Film Festival BarBQ as Norman Jewison's guests. It was fun but how much fun can you have in the pouring rain? There were so many huge umbrellas it was hard to tell if there was a star underneath one or not. So we hung out with Norman had an espresso and then I had to catch a return flight for Portland. There are no direct flights so I flew via Houston and then to Portland. I am sick of planes and sick of flying.

Back in Portland now the day will be spent putting the final touches on Rachel's place. I plan to cook a Clean Eating meal for her to christen her pad and then tomorrow I fly home again. Needless to say it has been difficult to eat properly slash enough. I have been living on hard boiled eggs, poached chicken breasts, apples and oatmeal which I carry around with me and grab when I can.

I will post some pics tonight if you can come back to me. See you later!


  1. I applaud you for staying so "clean" while you travel. I find that's the hardest part of travel for me. I have started bringing along zip-loc baggies of oatmeal mixed w/ protein powder. I have gotten lots of funny looks from flight attendants when I ask them for a 1/2 cup of hot water so I can make my oatmeal!!

  2. Don't worry, Tosca, your loyal readers haven't given up on you!! :0)

    Welcome home!!

  3. Tosca Reno - Strongest there is! 400 x 18...on a diet!? You're gonna beat them all!

  4. Is in she wonderfull Mother? She is something..!!! I just adore her!!
    best wishes to you Dear Tosca!

  5. Leave you, NO WAY! Listening to your story, trials, tribulations and wonderments is a joy that I look forward to! BTW.... you talk about frozen wheatgrass in your blog. Can you mention the source?

  6. We'll never leave you!!

    Your doing so amazing even with everything your going through. Your last picture post with the butt post amazed me! I am 21 and your butt kicks my butts A$$ lol if that even makes sense :) You bring me determination and strength daily! 40 lbs and over 22 inches thanks to you Tosca...

    Your going to blow the others out of the water!!!! xox lots of love and strong vibes :) a sister in iron

  7. Tosca, i miss you...please come back (but i know today and yesterday were photo shoots and interviews). we love you and we'll wait for you!

    Heidi in NorCal

  8. I love listening to your life stories, I have three boy's and life can take u in so many directions!!!! staying on track of clean eating in the midst of soccer practice, football games and boyscout can be crazy!!! Thanks for keeping in touch with us!!!!! Love ya girl
    Kim- Michigan


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