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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gone so Long!!

AAaaggggghghghgh! Sorry! I have been busy getting yet one more daughter out of the door. We are down to three now - Chelsea, Bob and me. And some days the house just isn't big enough thanks to my nutty dieting habits. I was talking about my upcoming dinner with another competitor. I was planning a lovely meal of tilapia with asparagus and she was planning on eating the same thing! Then she wondered if we could somehow just put a couple of extra batteries in us for energy. Good idea! Energy is running low these days.

Okay no more complaining. I have been practicing my stage walk and turns in front of the mirror and anyone who would like to laugh themselves silly. The real scream is the mandatory Stripper Shoes figure competitors must wear. The idea is for the plastic, high heeled shoe to make the legs look tighter and for a long, uniterrupted lean look. Great idea but really nasty shoes.

I need to take some more body shots this weekend. So stay tuned.

Thought you might like to see some more fun family pics so here we go.

This would be Coach Robert and I at dinner in New York City. We took a short family trip with the girls as a last hurrah! No I am not having any wine. Not even a drop. Siggghhhh! I do love a good glass of red wine.

Here is the rest of the family. Look at those gorgeous daughters of mine! That is Rachel on the far left (the one studying Naturopathic Medicine in Portland), then Kelsey-Lynn (the ballet dancer at Quinte Ballet School of Canada), then Chelsea (attending Country Day School in grade 10) and the one in green is Kiersten (she is in Holland right now). What a lucky Mom I am!

And this is me saying "See you later!" after a wonderful few days in the Big Apple with my family. Actually I am racing away to sneak a meal!!! LOL!

My Eating for the Past Two Days: Same food each day.

Breakfast - 2/3 cup cooked oats, 2 tbsp flax, 2 tbsp bee pollen

500 ml water with 6 ounces wheat grass

6 egg whites

black coffee


2 tbsp bee pollen

4 egg whites

2 raw radishes

1 liter water


6 ounces tilapia

1/2 cup brown rice

10 spears steamed asparagus

mid day:

2 tbsp bee pollen

4 egg whites

4 fish oil capsules

2 tbsps rice bran oil

500 ml water


6 ounces tilapia

1/2 cup brown rice

10 spears asparagus

1 liter water

before bed:

5 egg whites

500 ml water

The body is starting to change for real now!


Love you all!



  1. Hi Tosca
    I am addicted to reading your postings - please keep them coming in.
    I originally heard about you from Naomi who is shooting your show. She sat and told me all about you one night over a beer (hee hee) She will crack-up laughing if she finds out I have posted on your blog.
    Anyway I think what you have done for yourself and others is really great, its inspirational, so now I am keeping tabs on you! I have your book, am eating clean, feel great and am excited about the competition you are entering in September. In fact I am coming along with Naomi to see for myself what its all about.
    take care, good luck and keep up the hard hard work!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pix. Nice looking family!!!


  3. Oh, yes, those shoes are the worst. I wish they would come up with something that doesn't makwe thwe competitors look like strippers!

    Your daily nutrition is, as always, inspiring.

  4. I had to fight cravings for Peanut Butter and chocolate today!!!

    None of that for me ... sigghhhh!


  5. Who is your source for wheatgrass? I live in the GTA and looking for a trusted source.


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