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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Skype, Hype and Dismay all in One Day!

Hello Again!

No I have not forgotten you! Yesterday was crazy!! Another daughter has left the nest. Rachel is on her way across Canada by car. She will be driving with her friend Robyn for the next week an a half. How many more kids are going to leave me? Okay I will get over it! I will get over myself but geez it is hard.

How cool is Skype? It is very cool. Yesterday I was able to communicate with Kiersten in Holland. She called me and I could see via the webcam that she was safely installed in her little dorm room. She picked up her computer and panned around the room so I could see her surroundings. Outside of her room (which is clean as a whistle - Dutch Clean you might say) is a pretty little canal and a courtyard with loads of trees and greenery. It is a stunning spot for her to be for the next few years. I can relax now. But I know for sure I will be Skyping a lot with my two little chickens who have flown the nest!

As for the Hype - well let me share with you that I have a TV show. We are filming a lot and the show is documentary following me as I prepare for contest(s). It gets a little crazy when there is a camera following you around all the time - even as far as the bathroom door. How much fun is that? I will keep you posted and the show is with the W network.

Why the Dismay? Some of you are concerned that my diet postings are sounding too severe. That the way that I am eating is unhealthy. Rest assured I am eating well and often. I am just eating differently. My choices are stricter. I choose to eat this way because I know that every other contestant is eating the same way to prepare for stage. I try to offset the potential unhealthy side to this eating by drinking wheat grass shots at least once a day and sometimes twice. The Eat Clean diet is more of a lifestyle way of eating while what I am doing is really dieting with a purpose. This is short lived and I am doing it to show my readers how hard it really is to prepare for a physique contest.

I have obviously missed a few days with the food blog but I will do my best to hook you up now.

Breakfast yesterday and today:
2/3 cup cooked oatmeal with 2 tablespoons ground flax seed
5 egg whites
500 ml water
500 ml water with 6 ounces wheat grass
black coffee

Mid Morning:
protein shake

2 cups salad greens with 6 ounces grilled chicken
500 ml water
green tea

Mid Afternoon:
1/2 apple
handful unsalted nuts

2/3 cup ground chicken
1/2 cup steamed green beans
1/2 cup steamed asparagus
1/4 cup brown rice
500 ml water

Before Bed:
4 scrambled egg whites

Yes I feel hungry a lot but I am doing this for a purpose and I want to show you all I can do it.

Have a good night!
Tosca Reno


  1. So excited for your T.V show!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing- it is not only interesting but motivational!

    Love, a big Tosca fan!

  2. You go girl! Stay strong! I know you'll do fantastic in the competition! Keep up the good work!
    -Jenn in PA

  3. Oh, and a question. Will your TV show air in the states? If so, do you know what channel? I'm so excited to see it!
    -Jenn in PA

  4. It's the only way to compete - this kind of eating!! Keep it up - you're doing awesome!

  5. Staying clean and making the commitment to ultraclean is quite a step and watching you do it makes it all that much more attainable. Congrats on the show - I may have to change my cable subscription to get that channel. Stay strong!

  6. i just love you all and your comments keep me going in the right direction even when I am feeling challenged! Thanks so much. I wish I could hug you all.

    Love and hugs,

  7. Hi Tosca,
    You are doing a great! It takes discipline and detrmination to stay focused on a goal, espically when dealing with emotional stress too. You have acomplished big things with negative stress going on. You are going to shine even brighter this time!

    I am another one who would like to know how to get your show in the states.

    Believe it or not I was trying to get to the competition in September, as an observer, but my schedule does not allow. Will the competion be recorded, if so, how can I get a copy?

    All the best!

  8. TV-Show? I better move to Canada or the US soon..I had to order your books from abroad..nothing's going on in Norway ;( Glad to be able to follow you thru this blog though! Thanks for your honesty and inspiration!

  9. Wow! I am looking forward to seeing the show!!!

    As far as your diet?? I think that in order to compete in this sport you have to eat not just CLEAN, but SQUEEKY CLEAN! Most people don't understand it.



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