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Friday, August 29, 2008

I Really Want a Latte!

Hi All!

Yesterday I had a latte! I really wanted one and had filmed for my TV show since 6 am. So I did it. I broke down and ordered one and totally enjoyed it. Of course the filming ruined my day regarding regular 6 meal a day contest eating. I was not able to eat enough and so I lost any gains I might have made the day before. Back to square one. Today was better. Even though I had to get up early (5:00 am) to drive to Northern Ontario to pick up my daughter from camp. I boiled one dozen eggs and packed my oatmeal along with some greens.

Today is leg day too. I will be training legs and butt which will be a good hour in the gym. I love these heavy days. The burn is going to kill me but I look forward to it nonetheless.

Kiersten called me from Holland and I was so pumped to hear her voice. She sounds tired but happy and well. Rachel is on her way through Manitoba and I have heard her Moose and Goose stories - still chuckling. In the meantime I am getting Kelsey-Lynn ready for school. We will be driving to Belleville together to install her at her dance school for the last year. Road trip!! Only this time she will be driving and I will be the nervous one beside her.

Here it is! What I ate today:

2/3 cup oatmeal and 2 Tbsp flaxseed
2 Tbsp rice bran oil
5 egg whites
500 ml water with 6 ounces wheat grass (remember this is for reducing pH in the body and for fighting cancer)
black coffee

Mid Morning:
500 ml water
1 very small apple
12 unsalted almonds

2/3 cup ground chicken with choppped tomato (from my own garden) and cilantro
500 ml water

Mid Afternoon:
4 egg whites
1 handful green beans from my own garden
500 ml water
fennel tea, clear

the plan is to have tilapia fish
1/4 cup white rice
steamed vegetables

A little later I will post another few shots of me in my posing suit taken just a few days ago. The suit is not bling-bling yet because that will be a surprise but you can see the changes in my physique (hopefully). Look for these pics in a few hours. Comments please!!

Cheers and hugs to you all,


  1. Tosca, you are so inspiring! I've been on the edge of my computer daily for your updates. :) I cannot wait to see the photos! You are really helping me to keep on my body changes weekly! ur da best!
    San Jose, CA

  2. Tosca, you are AWESOME! Reading your blog really keeps me motivated. I'm curious about the wheat grass. Do you use a powdered wheat grass and put it in water?

  3. Hi Tosca,

    Thanks for posting so regularly, when you are soooo busy! I check everyday to see if you have an update.

    Glad to hear your girls are getting settled. I know whenever I was away from home I called my Mom crying. If my Dad answered the phone, he could make out through the blubbering that it was me and then say, "I'll pass you to your Mother". I have finally stopped the tears when travelling now that I have kids of my own. I hope your girls get over the homesickness quicker than I ever did :-)

    Good work on your training. You look so great already! Truly inspiring.

    I've been eating clean for a month now (I always thought I ate pretty was just my snacks that were bad. Now that I've been eating clean, I'm not craving sugary snacks at all. If I need a "treat" I'll have a bit of milk with cocoa. No sweetner. It tastes delicious to me, but I know I wouldn't have touched it a month ago. Thank you!!)

    A couple of questions for you:

    - in the "Kids" book, you mention Jungle Peanuts. Where can I find these?

    - I think in your podcast you mentioned that we can put in "visit" requests for your book tour. I would like to request "Kitchener-Waterloo" please :-)

    No rush in answering my questions. I know you are extremely busy.

    Good luck with your contest. You'll do great!

    Waterloo, ON

  4. Can I request San Francisco Bay Area, Please....I'll drive 100 miles to see you!
    Heidi in San Jose

  5. YAY for Belleville, I live here :-)

  6. Hey its a Latte - like after your day you didnt deserve one. You have taught all of us that sometimes you just need it/want it and to give in or you'll want it more. So way to stay clean afterward - and it was a LATTE! Not a double dutch chocolate cake! You are doing awesome and keeping many of us on the forum clean! Keep the inspiration coming.

    Stay strong as well for your daughters - the role model you are to them is the best part of them. Know that you have done a great job parenting and that your job now is to guide and be there when they call.

    Cant wait to see the pics.

    Terri in PA

  7. I am looking forward to your photos! I am new here and took my own "before" pics 2 weeks ago. I plan to take more in 2 weeks and see the changes!

    You are an inspiration!

  8. Hi Tosca,

    Just wanted to say that I admire you for your strong will power and dedication! You truly are an inspiration. I continue to visit your blog daily and look forward to your updates! You do this all the while coping with your daughter away. Hang in there!
    P.S. I tried the wheat grass - I purchased it in from a health food store here in Toronto (frozen version). I really feel cleansed afte drinking it. Thanks for the tips!


  9. i just love you all and your comments keep me going in the right direction even when I am feeling challenged! Thanks so much. I wish I could hug you all.

    Love and hugs,

  10. i just love you all and your comments keep me going in the right direction even when I am feeling challenged! Thanks so much. I wish I could hug you all.

    Love and hugs,

  11. Good for you on the training! I am also in training for my first comp in October 11, here in Australia-keep up the good work, and I will be thinking "tight" thoughts for the both of us!!


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