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Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates from the Cottage

Day 3 of rain at the cottage! Ho hum... I am a fair weather cottager that is for sure. Yesterday we ventured to Kingston, Ontario as a way of getting out of the cottage. We were getting a little stir crazy. I had an ulterior motive, too. I wanted to check out canoes. I would LOVE to buy one. Any advice on what to look for? I visited Trailhead's in Kingston. Of course it was raining in Kingston, too. But I got to hang up my oven mitts for the afternoon and enjoy a nice lunch in my home town.

Aside from the rain, the outdoor lifestyle is wonderful. I am relaxing and recharging my batteries in time for the launch of the family and kids book. We are getting lots of local, farm-fresh food. The eggs are especially delicious. We've been getting a lot of exercise, too. Of course, I brought my weights with me since there isn't a gym from miles around. I also packed my skipping rope. I am being very creative with my workouts. For example, my husband and I have been doing flyes on the coffee table, donkey calf raises off the deck (we used each other as weights), running up and down the deck stairs, dynamic floor dips off the coffee table and couch, lunges on the lawn as I swatted mosquitoes. All of this has been done to the sound of the loon calling (yes, our Canadian $1 coin is called a loonie for a reason). I guess this change of pace has been good because my abs have been showing more than usual... woohoo!

I am also spending as much time as possible with my daughter and 2 of my other daughters will be joining me on Wednesday until the end of the week.

Okay, off I go for a phone interview...

Stay tuned: I am working out the details of a show following me around as I Eat Clean each and every day.


  1. Just bought a family-canoe! Look for a stabil and solid one! Great exercise! Phew!

  2. Just bought your new cookbook on Amazon in the USA. Even though my step-kids are in college I thought it would help me too.

  3. So excited to hear about the possiblity of your new show. It will be a new great way to learn from you! Thank you for all you do to teach others about clean eating.


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