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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Podcasts Are Here!

Hello Clean Eaters One and All!!

I am thrilled to announce that I have ventured into the world of podcasting! Woohoo! I hope I am not in over my head with this one!

My first one is a recent interview I did with Leanne from that was broadcast over the web.

If you have iTunes and/or an iPod, you can can download the entire podcast here (it will launch your iTunes browser):

If you don't, you can still listen to the whole thing by following this link to my web page:

Within the next few months my team and I hope to have some more interviews posted here for your listening pleasure. You can never know enough about Eating Clean!



  1. GLAD about this! I will be tuning in!

  2. Hi- I know you recommend Olivina margarine in your book but is there a American margarine that you recommend? Something like Smart Balance, Earth Balance or Canoleo - any of those work?

  3. just found your blog and am eager to explore.

    if you are in my hood ----drop by.

    Id love it and I know my Bumbling Band would love the chance to say hello.


  4. Downloading this very moment!
    I live in Norway..and this is a great opportunity for me to learn even more (than reading your books! Used your Work Out Book so many times it's fallin' apart - haha!)

  5. Hello
    I downloaded the podcast saturday and my husband and i both listened it it while working out yesterday. We loved it! Hearing the spoken word seems to sink in even more...keep them coming. Thanks
    Kara in Ontario


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