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Friday, August 1, 2008

TV Day One and More...

I'm glad you have all had a chance to check out the podcast. Seems like everyone is really enjoying this first entry. If you haven't had a chance to listen in, make some time for yourself and curl up with a cup of tea and your computer for an hour of Eat-Clean Info...

I will make this entry quick since I have a big day today. Today is day #1 of camera crews in my house. We're in the initial stages of shooting a TV show... More to come on this later...

Blogger Question:

Greg - I know you recommend Olivina margarine in your book but is there a American margarine that you recommend? Something like Smart Balance, Earth Balance or Canoleo - any of those work?

Tosca - When I wrote The Eat-Clean Diet Book and Cookbook I didn't realize that Olivina is a strictly Canadian product. In it's place you can use a combination of butter and olive oil. I have a recipe for that in my cookbook. Otherwise, any other olive-oil based, trans-fat free, and non-hydrogenated spread will do.

Have an excellent Friday everyone.

Tomorrow I leave for Connecticut to drop off my daughter at ballet school #2 of the summer: The Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts in Torrington, Connecticut.

Have a great weekend!

Keep it Clean.


  1. daughter is also a dancer and is just starting out on the 'serious' track (age 10); (will look into the CT school!)

    Our dance school has a conditioning coach who works with the competition team dancers (ages 9-18) she works with them on core awareness and workouts for strength and flexibility, she also emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and hydration...I own your Eat Clean Diet, Recipe and Eat Clean Workout book and the workout Journal...which is a perfect goal setting question, now that I know that you too have a dancer in the family, is...have you ever thought of incorporating a dancer's workout/training into your workout regimen as a viable toning, flexibility and endurance workout? With all of the prime time dance shows, I think that people see the physical endurance and physique of these real life people, and realize that these people must have some really good training techniques to keep up their physique, I think that it could be a great addition to your publications! Just a dance mom thinking out loud!! Keep family loves the recipes and is living clean!


  2. Hi Tosca- thanks so much for replying to my blog question - that helps!
    I just got your new book today and it is really beautiful- I love the design and can't wait to dig in and use it. I know much of your work is geared toward women but I really like the fact that you have a family cookbook and have one for men on the horizon (hope you are working hard on that one, let me know if you ever want input:-))
    You are refreshing and seem very sincere - that means so much in this crazy diet of the month world full of hype and dashed on the rocks hopes of many trusting and frustrated souls.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Acutally this is for Greg. I have found Olivina here in the States in Illinois and in Florida.


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