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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Equipment-Free Workout

So excited to share with you today a message from Dean, the super-fit boyfriend of our Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador Christina. Check out those abs & check out his awesome, equipment-free workout!
Christina & Dean looking fit and fabulous!
Hi everyone!  My name is Dean and like many of you, I am an Eat-Clean Diet enthusiast.  Some of you may have seen me around on my girlfriend Christina’s blog, The Athletarian.  When she told me that there was an opportunity to guest blog for Tosca, I thought it would be great to give a male perspective on Eating Clean.

In university I was an all-star basketball player who practiced every single day and spent my non-practicing hours in the gym lifting weights.  Living on campus, I had access to a lot of unhealthy but convenient food.  Between studying, practicing, and leaving the province for basketball games, food convenience trumped health.  I still looked fit, I was ranked one of the best players in the country, and my performance never suffered.

It wasn’t until both university and basketball days were over that things started to change.  Physically I still looked relatively the same but my energy levels dropped.  I attributed it to the decrease in physical activity at first but when Christina introduced me to a different way of eating, things began to change.

About five years ago she discovered Tosca Reno sitting on a shelf in a bookstore.  She became immersed in the lifestyle almost immediately, eating only foods that were unprocessed and real.  I caught on pretty quickly, mostly because she would cook in batches and I naturally eat food when I see it.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that not only does this food taste great, but it makes me feel amazing.  My energy levels are where they should be and being a Physical Education teacher, this is 100% necessary.

Here is an equipment-free workout I do with my students:
400m run
25 push ups
30 seconds mountain climbers (active rest)
25 squat jumps
30 seconds jump rope (active rest)
25 burpees
400m run

Repeat 3-5x
Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!

Thank you, Tosca and The Eat-Clean Diet Team for inspiring Christina and helping me get back on track.  There is no going back for us now!


  1. Right on Dean... Great blog. For sure there is nothing better then eating clean and working hard. Good luck to you on your journey.

    Joe Salottolo

  2. Dean - sending love from both Colin & me (though Colin would like me to specify it's not creepy) and we love you and Christina! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. I'am glad to read the whole content of this topic and am very excited.Thank you.



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