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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love & Support to those Affected by Sandy

Sandy has me working from home today.
It has certainly been a tumultuous 24 hours.

I made the call yesterday to err on the side of safety and allow my wonderful employees to work from home today given the circumstances.  I also decided to work from home. In many parts of New York and New Jersey, as I am sure many of you know, employers were told that if they could not guarantee a safe way for employees to get to work and to then get home again, they should not insist employees come to work today.

I understand of course that conditions are far worse in the United States along the Eastern seaboard than they are in the greater Toronto area, but we have still been affected with loss of power to tens of thousands of Southern Ontarions.

I live in an area where if there is something bad to be delivered by Mother Nature then this is where it will land. If the power could go out it will.  If trees are going to come down they will.  As it turns out the storm did not punish us as badly as we might have anticipated.  I am grateful for that.

I am also sad to see the devastating images from New Jersey, New York City, Boston, West Virginia, etc. I lived a number of years in New Jersey and have many close friends to whom I am sending my love and support. I am also sending this to all of you who have been affected in any number of ways.

When chaos hits, in any form, I always remind people to go back to the basics: eat, hydrate and sleep. To those of you affected by this tumultuous storm, don't punish yourselves for getting off track. Take it one bite, one sip and one z at a time. Love yourself up with proper nutrition and plenty of rest. I'm sending virtual hugs to everyone.

We are all a unit together - let's support, love and pray.

Be safe,

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