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Monday, October 22, 2012

Diet Comparison

I put together this fun little comparison to help you sort out what's what. It will also help you sort out Clean Carb October. Of course it's a little Eat-Clean Diet biased...

Please Note: this is the revised version of the chart. We listened to your comments and changed a few things. Thanks for your keen eyes, we have such smart readers!


  1. More reasons why I love the Eat Clean lifestyle! BTW--I really miss being able to search your blog posts by keywords. There used to be a really helpful index. Any chance you can at least add a search box? At the moment, I would love to read ANYTHING that Tosca's written about tips with dealing with stretch marks!

  2. I am on a Primal/Paleo diet and I love it! I started with the clean eating diet, but grains were giving me alot of trouble. I had to eliminate them. Also, the bit about the saturated fat is slightly incorrect. Animal fat is highly recommended (lard, etc), and this primarily saturated fat. Also, some Paleo "people" believe dairy is ok as long as it is high in fat (butter, whole milk, cheese, etc) Other than that, this is a wonderful chart. And your right, it is all a shoot off of clean eating :)

  3. I am with Joy. I am Paleo/Primal as well. We thrive on it. We do have one day a week where we cheat and that just speeds up our weightloss. I ate oatmeal one day and was so sick, it hurt... So it depends on if you can tolerate it or not. I do not deprive myself, it is a lifestlye change. Today I am starting an 8 week challenge to myself. All of it is clean eating...

  4. Thank you Tosca! I am going to school at Integrative Nutrition, learning over 100 dietary theories, and I do have to say I think the Eat Clean Diet is the most balanced and one you can stay on for the rest of your life, not just a week or month. Thank you!

  5. I'm all for clean eating but grains don't agree with me either, also had quite a bit of weight to loose so found my way to the Dukan diet. This is a lovely overview but I wanted to point out what I felt to be a few discrepancies:
    Fiber: NA ..... eeerrrmmmm does soluble fiber (oatbran) not count?
    Dairy: Off Limits ..... you are allowed fat free/low fat dairy (milk, cottage cheese, quark, crème fraîche, fromage frais etc), limiting flavoured yoghurts and others with fruits in.
    Meal frequency: Dukan advises 3 meals a day with snacks if you are hungry
    and Treat Meals are only encouraged one meal a week once you are on the consolidation phase (but personally I'm flexible with this rule)

  6. Unless Atkins has changed from when I followed that plan, fruit is allowed, especially "low-carb" fruits like melons and berries. If I remember correctly, fruits like pineapple, bananas and apples were limited because of their higher carb content. I think a "Limited" or "Very Limited" would be better than "Off Limits." Atkins also considers itself a "Phase" plan, where you start off with almost no carbs, but gradually add them in over time. That being said, I do appreciate the balance that is emphasized in Eating Clean.

  7. Not biased at all .. I think your plan is the most balanced. I've tried to do the Paleo thingy, but .. I need to eat grains in moderation. Life is to short to limit this and that .. with the exception of fake sugar, of course.

  8. What a wonderful comparison/breakdown. No judgements, just the facts! And the facts make it clear to me that Eat Clean is my preferred lifestyle!

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