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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Quick Look Back & Full Steam Ahead!

Stephen Hollohan is our fabulous male Eat-Clean Diet guest blogger today. He is also one of our wonderful success stories. He's here with us today to share how he got started. Could anyone in your life use this motivation? Please feel free to share. Take it away Stephen...
New & improved Stephen.
As this is my first blog relating to my experience with the Eat-Clean Diet, I am going to give you a quick look into my past and how this diet made amazing changes in my life.  As a 28-year-old male, I started following the guidelines laid out by Tosca in the Eat-Clean Diet.  It is sometimes hard as a guy telling others you can’t have those fries, or you don’t want to go for wings and a beer because you are trying to lose weight or “work on your figure”. Starting out at over 400 pounds, I had a long, tough road ahead. The idea of shedding some pounds crossed my mind many times, but I simply found it easier to keep on the same road I had been on for the previous twenty years. In July of 2010,  my Aunt Betty Lou approached me and kindly suggested the Eat-Clean Diet for proper eating and overall good health. At that moment, my life changed! Complex carbs, lean proteins and balanced meals 6-8 times a day became part of my life. I also started a daily workout routine that consisted of both weight training and cardio.

Life at this time was not the same as before as there were many challenges before me. As a teacher, I have always found myself eating in staff rooms or among groups of people.  Being 6’5 and 400 pounds, some would expect me to stroll into the staff room with a whole cow in my lunch box, not bean salad with whole grain crackers.  At first, I wondered what people would say, or how many creative ways they would come up with to make fun of me. As it turned out, right from the start, the ones who I thought would give me most of the ribbing are the ones that asked the most questions about my new way of eating. They are also the ones who began leaving the bags of chips at home and replacing them with some almonds and raisins. Lol

Next time I’ll talk about “Eat more to lose more” and telling a certain girl I’m more of a “spinach and quinoa kinda guy than steak and potatoes”.  If she laughs with you, she’s a keeper.

Till next time,

Stephen Hollohan


  1. Great blog thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Great job Stephen! So proud of you! I am back on with my clean eating and often think of you and your successes:)

  3. Awesome, way to go! God bless! Keep up the good work! You are worth it!

  4. That's so awesome! Good for you!!!!

  5. I loved it! Inspiring and very nice history!

  6. Awesome accomplishment and inspiring!

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  8. Such a great success story!I admired your dedication from the start! You've been an inspiration to the entire community!


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