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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Do Not Eat Clean for the Good Days

Today our Strike Sugar September continues with a word from our male readers. We have a guest blog from Mr. Aric Sudicky, Bsc, BEd, CPTS, CFNS. He's one of our fabulous Eat-Clean Men as well as being the director of fitness & nutrition for MedPoint in London, Ontario as well as the 2011 Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year. Like what he has to say? You can visit him at Take it away Aric...

“I don’t eat and train for the good days; I create HABITS to survive the difficult ones….”

When it came time to train today, I just didn’t feel 100%. I slept well last night and my day at the clinic was great, yet my strength did not feel up to par when it came time to step into the gym. These days make the difference, these days separate success from failure, these days become symbolic in your journey to eat-clean and change your lifestyle.

Starting to Eat-Clean includes elements that go beyond nutrition and exercise. It includes the psychology of change, creating HABITS and becoming a creature that strives to continually reinforce those habits. This routine and lifestyle of “Eating Clean” becomes extremely important when you encounter “one of those days”.

Yes, today I felt fatigued and not my strongest. However, the weights were lifted, my routine food was consumed to fuel myself to train, and mentally I was able to overcome the hurdle of not feeling my best.

You see, when we become habitual in our healthy Eating-Clean routines, we can still make it through those days, literally because we see no other option because that is “what we do”. We exercise, prepare meals and get it done.

Become a creature of habit. With habits come success and a longer, vibrant life.


  1. Indeed a profound piece of guidance and advice worthy of serious application to one's lifestyle.

    Thank you for sharing this empirical wisdom.

  2. You look pretty awesome Aric. The eat-clean way is certainly a lifestyle. I really believe that living healthy is the way to go.
    Job well done.

    Joe Salottolo (Watch for my blog shortly)

  3. Loved this post! So True! Thank you :)

  4. Great article. Eating clean is a lifestyle and habit. Simple and true.


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