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Monday, April 2, 2012

Jill the Pesca What?

Most of you know Jill as our lovely Vegetarian Eat-Clean Ambassador and may have even met her at The Arnold or Can-Fit-Pro. She has more recently graced the pages of April's Oxygen Magazine & now is featured on pages 162-163 of The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian CookbookCheck out her spread (and her biceps)! Also, visit her on Facebook where she's hosting a giveaway! She's Jacked Jill the Pesca What???
Jill's feature in The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook
One morning, 18 years ago, I woke up and said “I’m not eating meat anymore”. Just like that! Preparing meat was simply a hassle for a single gal. I literally cut meat from my diet ‘cold-turkey’ (pun fully intended). The trouble here is that I was a really lousy vegetarian. The frozen section of the grocer was my routine source of food for meatless entrees. Ew!

Eventually I joined a local gym and was seeing some small changes happening so I started to take more of an interest in the food that I was eating. Over time, my diet became more and more clean and with some research, I found myself on the Eat-Clean Diet way of living. One challenge I still faced as a vegetarian was dining out. There was rarely a sufficient vegetarian meal, so I added some occasional fish into my diet to give me a few options without drawing attention to myself or making my plate the center of all conversation. This pescatarian lifestyle was brand new to me as I did not enjoy fish growing up…..wouldn’t touch it! Now, years later, as I train my physique much more seriously, the fish is an added bonus for the healthy fats, and the higher protein that my muscles crave.

I am proud to be an Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador, and am so excited about the launch of Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook! It is loaded with easy to follow, delicious recipes, as well as many informative pages for a variety of healthy, meatless lifestyles. In the center of the book, you will find a feature that tells my story a little more in depth, and, as always, I hope that you will find some additional inspiration there that you can share!

And now, I am dashing off to the kitchen!


  1. Dear Tosca,

    Beautiful photo of you riding on your blog but my question to you is: where is your helmet??? Although I have been riding for over 20 years, my helmet saved my life last August after a terrible tumble. As a role model and inspiration to thousands of men and women, you also have the responsibility to set a good example to all those faithful followers and fans. This is not meant to chastise you...I am an "eat-clean" disciple who's fitter now at 42 than I ever was in my 20s and 30s and there is no doubt that your story has inspired me significantly. But as the saying goes, "mens sana in corpore sano"... and that healthy "mind" needs protection when riding 1000lbs of potential dynamite! Regards,


  2. Thank you for your concern, Danielle. You bring up a very good point. I am not an avid rider, but was given the opportunity to do so for this photo shoot. In this particular photo I did not wear a helmet, but in all other instances I do. You are right that horses are powerful forces and precautions do need to be taken. Thank you for reminding us all how important it is to be safe. Keep it tight!

  3. Since lifting more seriously now I too had issues with thinking I wasn't getting adequate protein. I also thought about adding fish to my diet but I couldn't do it. I am glad you found what works for you. We all have our paths to take to get to a healthier...better us. Congrats on getting your story featured in the book. I look forward to reading it. :0)

    My plate has been a part of many conversations but it's okay with me. Hopefully it also gets people thinking about their own health. :)

  4. Dear Tosca,
    Thank you for writing your recent Eat Clean Vegetarian cookbook--I can't wait to get it! Like your ambassador, I too have been a vegetarian for over 16 years, simce I was 16. Likewise, I recently added some fish as a lean form of protein, especially since we enjoy lifting and it is such a quick and healthy meal option. I recently married a very-open minded recovering carnivore, and he is completely open to vegetarianism and even a vegan diet. We both recently read books about an alkaline approach to preventing disease and cancer by eating a plant based, non processed, gluten and sugar-free diiet and we start each day with a green smoothie! Still though, we are always looking for variety son as to avoid monotony and I look forward to your common sense, well thought out clean recipes! We loved the quinoa cakes over organic spinach from last week!

    Thank you for being an inspiration, a source of information and a beautiful woman who acknowledges that you CAN balance a significant fitness routine AND a vegetarian diet!


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