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Friday, April 6, 2012

Jennifer the Vegan Graduate!

Today's Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian guest blogger is Miss Jennifer Forstinger, a 23 year-old recent university graduate who has been vegetarian for 3 years and recently adopted a vegan diet. I'm excited to have her share her story with you today. I hope Jennifer's message rings true for many students and recent graduates. Your brain works better on Clean, healthy, whole foods especially when you know where those foods have come from. Take it away Jennifer...
Jennifer's rocking vegan body on vacation!
I was introduced to Eating Clean by my cousin, Alanna, who had gotten herself into shape following The Eat-Clean Diet. I researched Tosca and was inspired by her story, but I thought that I had to eat meat to Eat Clean. This was problematic since I dislike the taste of meat and have ethical issues with it. In April of 2009 I adopted a vegetarian diet, but I replaced the meat in my diet with processed vegetarian meat alternatives. Uh oh! 

Meeting Jennifer's mom at Lululemon!
In June of 2009 my Mom met Tosca at Lululemon in Toronto, and I had the chance to speak to Tosca on the phone. I asked her what foods I should be eating for my protein and she said I should be eating beans, tofu, nuts, and seeds. Tosca does not know this, but this short conversation inspired me to Clean up my diet and focus on real food rather than processed crap. Tosca sent me some of her books, which motivated me to start Eating Clean. As soon as I began eating real food, I noticed an improvement in my body, hair, nails and skin. Around the same time I began weight training and my body composition greatly improved.

I recently adopted a vegan diet for ethical reasons and have noticed that I feel more at ease knowing that I am not ingesting the pain and suffering of another living being. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or are an omnivore, being educated about where your food comes from is extremely important. Choose local, get to know your farmers, and eat organic whenever you can.


  1. Thanks for this! I'm transitioning to vegetarian (and ultimately vegan) and want to keep it clean.
    Very helpful!

  2. Way to go Jennifer! You are an inspiration to all vegan, clean eaters out there.

  3. Great job. I am also vegan and struggled initially with the protein part. I am finally at a good place with my diet and am seeing great results as well. :) Can't wait to buy the new vegetarian version of her book.

  4. Love Jennifer's story. Thanks for sharing Tosca. And of course always love you =)

  5. Way to go, I know it can be hard to find ways to get your protein in, so I loved reading your story, what an inspiration! Being new to this lifestyle as well, I love reading what everyone is doing!!! :)


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  7. Keep it up, Jennifer! I became vegan last year and had been eating clean for about 3 years before that (after finding Tosca's books).

    To keep up my protein intake, I have a plant-based (hemp and pea) protein smoothie every morning - I like the one by Life's Basics. Of course, I also eat lots of beans, lentils, quinoa and vegetables!

  8. Thank you for this post and all these great comments too! I need all the helpful tips I can get. I am very new to this vegetarian world but I'm very excited about it! Thank you!!


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